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Zappi's three charging modes explained

We're spending the start of 2021 breaking down everything you need to know about the Zappi, myenergi’s smart EV wall charger. Today, we're talking about the three available charging modes!

The Zappi is a wall mounted home unit designed to charge your EV by utilizing both solar PV and wind powers, substituting energy from the grid with smart technology, to maximise your charging efficiency.

When you get your zappi unit, it comes with three charging modes called ECO, ECO+, and FAST, all tailored to best suit your current power situation. You choose between these modes when charging, allowing the zappi to intelligently react to your renewable outputs.

Let’s break these modes down, starting with ‘ECO’.

The ECO charging mode utilizes a mixture of both green energy and energy from the grid to charge your vehicle. The Zappi is smart enough to detect what is happening with the power on your property and will automatically try to maintain a minimum charging level of 1.4kw. This is done by detecting your surplus generated power and drawing energy from the grid to keep your charge at this minimum threshold.

Basically, ECO mode uses green power when you have it, and pulls power from the grid when you don’t. This supplies a steady charge that still prioritises energy efficiency.

So, what about ‘ECO+’?

ECO+ plus functions in a similar way but will not import power from the grid when your power surplus is low, instead cutting off charge to your vehicle. This is the greenest solution, making sure your vehicle is using your generated power whenever possible. ECO+ means your EV only Zappi charges with renewable sources but does mean a slower charge time.

ECO+ and ECO modes are both able to detect the power usage and supply in your home instantly, so, if something starts using a lot more power, or more power is added to your system, the Zappi will adjust accordingly. This means it’s always on top of what’s happening and knows how much power it can use.

The last mode is ‘FAST’

FAST mode is designed to charge your vehicle at maximum power for the fastest charge. Your Zappi will still pull power from the grid and use your renewable energy in combination but will not cut off or limit charging in any way.

If you don’t have solar or wind power the FAST mode makes the Zappi function like any other Level 2 wall charger.

We've got new Myenergi Zappi stock arriving every month, so reserve yours to suit the delivery of your EV today!

Or if you would like to discuss further, call us directly on 1300 70 11 99.


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