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Why Are Electric Vehicles Better Than

Their Petrol or Diesel Counterparts?

If you're on our website then you already know the benefits of

electric vehicles but in case you don't here's our top 10.

Less Maintenance -  All-electric vehicles (EVs) require less maintenance than their petrol/diesel counterparts. As an example, for the first 150,000 miles, the new Chevy Bolt will only need the tyres rotated and the pollen filter replaced.

Less Energy, More Efficient -  In terms of fuel or energy, pound for pound an EV will use less and cost you less to run than a petrol/diesel car. For example, on average an electric car such as a Nissan LEAF will cost $2-3 to fill up with electrons which will give you up to 150 km in range. Also if you take advantage of solar or the many free charging stations popping up around the country then it becomes even cheaper.


Solar Panels & EVs - are made for each other.  If you have solar panels on your roof then an EV will increase their ROI. In many countries, the feed-in tariff used to be great (up to 60c per kWh) whereas now it's simply pitiful (5c per kWh). Instead of giving that surplus energy away for nothing, make the most of it.


Silence Is Golden - While many of us enjoy the sound of a straight six (Barra) or V8 there's something serene about 


Instant Torque - from zero rpm a motor will deliver maximum torque. From this, you'll gain your EV grin.


Pre Heating & Cooling – most EVs have this function so you can hop into the car with the perfect cabin temperature.


Full Tank Of Gas (Electrons) - every time you leave home.  Typically EV owners have a charging station at home meaning an electric car usually has a full charge before leaving the house.


Less Co2 Gasses Than A Petrol Car - even if the electricity is generated by a brown coal power station.


No Need To Warm Up The Car - in the morning just switch on and go.


Less Component Wear & Tear - especially in regards to short journeys.


Could save the day - in the event of a power outage, incredibly many modern EVs are capable of a function called Vehicle to Home (V2H) power. The energy stored in your electric vehicle could be used to power essential devices until the power is restored.


Save Your Beloved Classic Car - for that relaxing Sunday drive.

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