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The Queensland Electric Super Highway
(And how to get the best out of it!)

The Queensland Government in collaboration with local councils and other partners is rolling out the Queensland Electric Super Highway to encourage, support and accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in Queensland.


By early 2018, the Queensland Electric Super Highway will be the world's longest electric super charger highway in a single state. It will allow Queenslanders and tourists to travel from the Gold Coast to Cairns and from Brisbane to Toowoomba in a low or zero emissions vehicle.


The fast chargers will be installed in convenient, safe locations close to major highways where there are existing amenities such as cafes, restaurants and shops. The sites have been identified to allow motorists to easily charge their vehicle and have a short break during their journey allowing them to prepare for a safe journey.

Queensland Electric Super Higway

How to Connect to the Queensland Electric HighWay?

Well if your car has a DC Fast Charging option (e.g. Nissan LEAF, some BMW i3s and (2017 on) Outlander PHEVs then (with a Chargepoint card) you're all good. But if you only have an AC charging option (so a Mennekes or J1772 dock on your car then you will need to bring your own charging cable.


To be clear we're not talking your traditional EVSE/charger you might use at home, you need a charging cable, one which suits the socket on the chargers AND your vehicle. Fortunately we have a great selection of cables all in stock ready to despatch and all at cracking prices.


All the Queensland Electric highway AC chargers are Type 2 Mennekes Sockets as per the graphic here so any cable must have the Type 2 Mennekes socket on one end.


"Cable works perfect on my Volvo V60 Hybrid!"

Jan-Arve Asbjørnsen



World's longst electric vehicle super highway Queensland

The locations of the fast-charging stations along the Queensland Electric Super Highway Are  – Cairns, Tully, Townsville, Bowen, Mackay, Carmila, Marlborough, Rockhampton, Miriam Vale, Childers, Maryborough, Cooroy, Brisbane, Helensvale, Coolangatta, Springfield, Gatton and Toowoomba.

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