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Why You Should NOT Install 'Tesla Only' Chargers At Your Apartment, Café, Winery, Outhouse Or Dog House

So you're a venue like a café, winery, hotel or apartment complex looking for a point of difference and you think to yourself why not install some EV chargers. After some investigation, you learn that Tesla other local businesses offer their chargers for free. Great! Only there are a few problems with this.


Only For Tesla - That's obvious and you might be forgiven for thinking that Tesla dominates the EV market and that you only need to cater for those drivers. Not so much. Other electric cars (both hybrids and full electric) from the likes of Hyundai, Nissan, Volvo, Mercedes, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Renault and BMW are available to buy from dealerships right now. Tesla might be the most obvious electric car brand but they are not the only one. If you only install Tesla chargers then you are not catering to the full EV audience. Also, Tesla's have less need to charge and stop by your premises than other brands.


Not so fun fact: Many, many Tesla chargers have never been used post installation. Does that sound like a successful deployment?

Just A Small Selection of Vehicles That You Will Not See At Your Venue If You Install 'Tesla Only' Chargers

BMW 530e PHEV Melbourne
NIssan LEAF charger Australia
Jaguar I-Pace Charging

Only for the privileged?  What does installing a facility that only the privileged are able to take advantage of say about your business or municipality? It says you're only welcome if you have spent over $100k on your car. This may suit you but overall it may not make for a good look!

Renault Zoe ZE Charger
outlander phev

No Option For Merchant Facilities - EVs and especially Teslas can consume a huge amount of power when plugged in. You may want to offer this as a complimentary service or bundle as part of the overall service. However, if you want to directly charge for a charge, there's no out of the box solution and it's both costly and time consuming to retrofit merchant facilities. Whereas, something like the eoGenius system has transparent and easy to use merchant facilities out of the box. If you install more than one charger it's highly likely that your location will not be able to supply the current required.


No Load Management - where multiples of chargers are required so will load management or the Tesla HPWCs chargers will need to be hardcoded at a very slow rate. Unlike their cars, Tesla chargers are pretty dumb and are unable to load manage between themselves. There's also no way to retrofit load management to these systems.


Check The Contract - There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Carefully check the contracts Tesla sends you as a condition of installing these chargers. You may be surprised to discover your responsibilities and liabilities as a charging venue.


The Alternative?

Smart, Intelligent Attractive and Cost Effective EV Chargers From EVolution - All the hardware below is capable of being metered and monetised and won't break the bank. Furthermore, with our genuine Nationwide Installation Service we can support you wherever you are. Most importantly, these chargers can charge every car sold in Australia and New Zealand.

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