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The Ultimate YouTube Video Series on how to choose buy and install an Electric Car Charger for home

Watch respected YouTuber Chris Vanderstock choose and install a wallbox EV charger for his home

1. Top Ten things to consider before installing an electric car charger in your home

Come along with Chris as he takes us through the pros and cons of each electric car charger type, such as what you may need to consider before you invest, why you should consider investing, why the zappi is king of all electric car charger types and more.

Whether you’re a new EV owner or considering making the switch – Chris Vanderstock is someone we highly recommend for learning more about your latest purchase and some little tips and tricks you may not have known! This particular episode will be of particular interest to those who believe a granny or portable charger will be enough for them.

With his clear English and simple language, he really does make learning about electric vehicles (what some may consider a bleak subject) fun and interesting.

Chris can help you choose an electric car charger match that’s made in heaven!

2. INSTALLATION of an electric car charger with Chris Vanderstock for his MG ZS EV and Tesla Model Y

Chris made his choice!

Now he’s going to take us through the installation process and what considerations were made for his home.

He touches on some important points such as why he decided on this charger type, where to install your electric car charger, dumb systems to avoid (hello Tesla! Yes, we mean you)…. what you can expect to pay and much more!

Click through below to see more on the electric vehicle charger that Chris preferred.

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Level 1 charger for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

3. ZAPPI REVIEW: Why the Zappi is Australia's favourite home EV charger 

And the winner is….. *drum roll* THE ZAPPI

Chris chose the smart charger he can control from anywhere – as well as using his solar system to drive on pure sun power.
Considerations were also made in regard to how many km’s Chris and his family would drive per week – versus the time it would take to re-fuel his battery from those drives.

Which is why he needed a fast & smart EV charger for home.

With its sleek and sexy design – Chris says it reminds him of an apple product. The MyEnergi Zappi Charger (V2) can fast charge not only from the grid, but also deliver pure solar, battery or wind turbine energy to your electric car.

In this review, Chris covers how much range you'll get per hour, the many modes it has, things that are good & bad, and why this is the best charging solution on the market right now!