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Can you charge any electric car with a Tesla HPWC charger? 

Short answer. It depends. A Gen 1 and Gen 3 tesla HPWC will charge any Type 2 vehicle. A Gen 2 Tesla HPWC will only charge a Tesla electric car. Read on to find out more. 

Charging your electric car at home off is nirvana for many. So, can you charge your electric car with a Tesla HPWC? Well, it depends.

The Tesla HPWC is a great looking and performing EV charger which can deliver up to 7kW on single-phase or 22kW on 3-phase power. There have been three versions of the Tesla AC EV charger sold in Australia and New Zealand, dating from way back in 2012, right up to the present date. All versions of the Tesla EV charger look very similar and can be difficult to tell apart. See below for the tell tale differences.

The difference between the Tesla HPWC Charger Versions.


Here are some key factors to consider when distinguishing the differences between the various versions:

Generation 1 & 2 have brushed aluminium fascias

Generation 3 has a white polycarbonate or glass front fascia.

Generation 1 has a legacy mode enabled with a dip switch which will enable it to charge any type 2 equipped electric car.

Generation 2 does not have a legacy mode and can only charge a Tesla vehicle (Tesla Roadster excluded!)

Generation 3 (which is also Wi-Fi capable) can charge any electric car sold in Australia. the legacy setting is enabled via software.

​Understanding these factors will help ensure you choose the suitable HPWC for your EV.

Currently only the Generation3 of the Tesla HPWC is available to buy new as below.

Download installation and configuration manuals for both Tesla HPWC Gen1 and Gen 2 here. 

Tesla Gen 1 Installation and configuration manual 

Tesla Gen 2 Installation and configuration manual 

What is Tesla HPWC “Legacy Mode”?


Tesla HPWC chargers feature the Type 2 connector, which is prevalent in majority of the EVs sold within Australia.


However, they also come equipped with a unique capability called “Legacy Mode”. When activated, Legacy Mode allows HPWCs to charge EVs from other manufacturers using the Type 2 connector. This legacy mode effectively makes the Tesla HPWC more versatile by accommodating non-Tesla EVs.


However, it is essential to note that Legacy Mode may have limitations that may not provide the same level of optimization and control as when it is used on a Tesla EV, as Legacy Mode is only available with generations 1 and 3 of the HPWC, so its important to understand its functionality when being used with non-Tesla EVs.

Note a Gen2 HPWC will only charge Tesla electric car. So beware of buying such a unit off Gumtree or Facebook market place etc. 

zappi and hub.jpg

Why you should consider other EV chargers:


While the HPWCs are an excellent choice for Tesla owners, they may not be the ideal solution for non-Tesla EV users or those with solar or a home battery.


Here’s why:

  1. Compatibility: Some non-Tesla EVs such as the BYD Atto 3 may not seamlessly integrate with HPWCs, potentially leading to future complications.

  2. No solar integration - will not allow for exclusive charging from solar or control from where your power is coming from. 

  3. No battery integration - if you have a home battery the Tesla HPWC will simply empty it charging your car.

  4. No load management - charge rate may need to be hard coded to lower level to avoid nuisance tripping

We understand that the compatibility of EVs with a Tesla HPWC can be complex and that choosing the right charging solution is pivotal for a seamless EV ownership experience. Whether you're a Tesla enthusiast or driving a different EV, we empower you to make informed decisions about your charging infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and convenience. Explore our resources to stay ahead in the EV evolution.

if in doubt call us on 1300 70 11 99.

The zappi: a solid Eco-Friendly Alternative: 

One of the standout features of the zappi charger is its focus on sustainability, which is designed to maximize the use of renewable energy sources. It has built-in functionality that allows it to prioritize power from your home's solar panels.. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also saves you money on your energy bills.

The zappi also shines with its versatility. It is compatible with a wide range of electric cars, including Tesla, Nissan, BMW, and many others. This means that if you switch to a different electric car brand in the future, you won't need to replace your charging infrastructure. It can be programmed to charge your car during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, saving you money over time. 

Installing a zappi is a straightforward process, and it seamlessly integrates with your home's existing electrical infrastructure. It can be wall-mounted and it comes with multiple cable options to suit your needs. The zappi is designed with user-friendliness in mind.

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Myenergi Zappi - Charge your EV from your PV - Australia NZ 

​Welcome to intelligent, solar-aware home EV charging

The EVolution team are proud to be partnered with myenergi, a future-focused and innovative company who design and manufacture a range of exciting EV charging products in England.

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