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Electric Car Charger Installation Terms and Conditions for homes 

Here's the (not so) fine print for installing your EV Charger in your home 

Terms and conditions - EVolution Australia as of April 2023

1. The price paid is inclusive of all materials, RCBO, cabling conduit and isolator
2. All works completed to AS/ACIF S009:2006 and AS/NZS 3000: 2018 wiring rules.
3. All works to be completed during business hours.
4. All electrical works guaranteed for 5 years

5. Any additional electrical works required to ensure installation complies with The Australian Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018 will be assessed by the licensed electrical contractor and may incur additional costs.
6. Quote is based upon work effort of approximately 4 hours, unless otherwise indicated. This effort may be split across multiple resources both remote and local. Should the works exceed this for any unforeseeable circumstances, additional charges may apply.
7. Requests for installers to revisit w
ill incur additional costs payable directly to the installer.

Standard scope of works

Unless a written quote or set of inclusions specifies otherwise, the following constitutes the standard scope of works: 
1. Single phase charger installation or 3 phase charger installation as specified within the declared or quoted  cable length from the nearest distribution board to the desired location for the electric car charger. This distance is inclusive of both vertical and horizontal cable lengths.
2. The charger will be affixed to the clients requested location unless the location is not suitable for safety or compliance reasons, this will be determined by the electrical contractor.
3. Installation, commissioning, handover and demonstration of charger as supplied to the electrical contractor.


A standard installation is based on one of the following within a freestanding home.

  • a single storey property with existing single phase supply

  • a single storey property with existing 3 phase supply

  • a double storey property with existing single phase supply

  • a double storey property with existing 3 phase supply

Beyond standard scope of works
• Any underground trenching or cable runs between multiple buildings.
• Any switchboard or supply upgrades not specified in the written quote
• Any building supply upgrades - The installation only makes provisions for a customer’s existing available electricity and does not include costs involved in having to upgrade a domestic electricity supply i.e. 3-phase when only single phase power is available at the premises.
• Any clearance of materials and/or furniture to allow contractors to perform works – workspace must be clear
• Any internet connectivity or configuration.
• All charging infrastructure hardware to be purchased separately by the customer. This includes myenergi products, alternative brand charging products, additional cables, accessories etc.

Additional Work Requirements

Work outside of the “Standard Scope of works” detailed above will incur extra cost and a custom quote will be provided for additional work requirements. Details not specified or verified correctly by
customer at time of quote may be subject to extra costs. This will be determined and payable to the EVolution Australia certified installer/contractor directly by the customer.


EVolution Australia has negotiated regional contractor pricing to ensure controls on pricing and customer experience.

Please note

Apartments and multi-purpose developments for any installation package that is purchased for an apartment or multi-purpose development, there is a high likelihood that there will be additional charges. These charges will be determined and quoted to you by the electrical contractor before they are charged to you.
Once an installation quote has been accepted by the customer, EVolution Australia will issue an invoice for full payment prior to the install activities commencing. 

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