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Wondering which Wallbox EV charger is the
best for electric car charging?  

HBPowerwall has got your back with his latest two-part video series all about the myenergi zappi and eddi.

Join Peter, or HBPowerwall, as he is more commonly known, as he takes us through the exciting installation of his new Zappi V2 7kW electric car charger. 

Part 1.  Installing an electric car charger in your home.

In this video HBPowerwall, who was previously charging his MG ZS EV  using a portable charger EVSE, powers up his charging game with the Zappi wallbox charger.


Since upgrading to this eco-smart EV charger, Peter has enjoyed seamless connectivity between his car charging, Eddi hot water and solar diverter and solar PV system. On top of this, he's loving having a full battery on his car thanks to pure solar energy.


‘This unit has without a doubt changed my whole outlook
on what EVs can be.'





The video takes you through the whole installation process with his trusted electrician, as well as all the features of the MyEnergi Zappi charger that make it the best EV charger for your home! He even gives you an insight into the different charging modes from fast charge to eco and the super sustainable eco+


What more could you want?  See what Peter has to say for yourself. 

2. How to optimise your household energy usage.

Part two of the video series takes a more emotional turn as Peter upgrades from his trusty Eddi Version 1 to the Eddi 1.1 with an inbuilt hub. 

Although he stresses that his previous Eddi model has been incredibly reliable and still functions perfectly, after three years and 'substantial savings', Peter talks us through his decision to switch to the Eddi 1.1 for increased compatibility with his new zappi car charger. 

'Probably the best product I've used'


Peter gives an informed breakdown of his Eddi's performance over the past three years, including the $1144 he has directly saved thanks to this hot water system solar diverter. 


The main event for HBPowerwall undoubtedly seems to be the Myenergi app. Thanks to his Myenergi Harvi, Peter has been able to seamlessly connect his hot water system, home EV charger, and solar PV system, giving him total control to optimise household energy usage.

'It's my new television, absolutely freaking love it'.


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