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How to fix Nissan LEAF Key Is Not Detected Fault

Fix your Nissan LEAF Key Detection Issue  

Nissan Leaf – “Key Not Detected” Repair Fix Process

If this message appears on the dashboard, try the following:​

nissan leaf key not detected.JPG

Replace Battery on Your Nissan LEAF Key fob ZE0 or AZE0

  • You will need a CR2025 lithium battery

  • Remove the mechanical key from the fob first

  • With the buttons facing down, use a small flat head screwdriver to carefully prise open the casing.   

  • Use the screwdriver to lift out the battery, then insert the new one ensuring positive side is facing down

  • Re-attach the casing and then reinsert the mechanical key into the fob

Start Nissan LEAF Electric Car without Key remote function or flat battery

If the car is still not detecting the key ie you are unable to lock/unlock the car or start the car, then do the following:

  • If you need to access a locked car, use the mechanical key in the fob to unlock the door (remove key as shown in step above)

start nissan leaf without remote key fun
start nissan leaf without remote key fun
  • With the fob handy, press the Park button, put your foot on the brake pedal, then hold the fob up to the start button


  • The start button should light up and beeping alerts may also be heard

  • Whilst in this position, now press the start button and the car should start and drive normally.

  • If you still have the “key not detected” message on the dashboard (and you have changed the battery in the fob), once you have turned the car off, you should now be able to use the remote fob as normal ie unlock/lock the car and pressing start.   The message on the dashboard should no longer display


You may need to repeat step 2 process if you have a spare key fob.

NOTE: if you have a dead key fob, step 2 process should still work until you are able to obtain a new battery.

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