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Myenergi Zappi - Charge your EV from your PV - Australia NZ 

​Welcome to intelligent, solar-aware home EV charging

The EVolution team are proud to be partnered with myenergi, a future-focused and innovative company who design and manufacture a range of exciting EV charging products in England.

myenergi zappi home EV charging solar po

myenergi's best known product is the zappi, a great looking, solar-aware home EV charging wall unit that uses your self-generated power to charge your EV.

​The myenergi team don't just want to charge EVs, they're creating leading technology that gives homeowners maximum use of their self-generated power and minimises the use of grid energy.

myenergi zappi home EV charging sparki

​In the process, they've not only designed a range of sustainable living products, but a narrative that appeals to the whole family in the form of a children's book about an alien hero called Sparki.

As well as the zappi EV charging unit, our team can supply and install eddi, an intelligent unit that redirects unused solar power to heat your water or rooms, rather than exporting it to the grid. 

Why is the myenergi zappi the best way to charge your electric car?

Put simply, the zappi is the one of the most intelligent and the best EV electric car chargers on the market.

Imagine you've come home in your BMW i3s, Tesla or Nissan LEAF, plugged it into your wall-mounted zappi charger, then gone into your house. The sun is shining, and your solar panels are generating lovely clean energy that's topping up your EV.

When you get inside, you put on the kettle, washing machine, fire up the computer and maybe stick the heating or cooling on as well.

myenergi zappi EV charging

With other EV chargers, that sudden spike in energy consumption would mean extra power would be pulled from two sources; your PV array PLUS the energy grid.

However, the solar-aware zappi will manage your consumption, redirecting power to and from your appliances and your EV to ensure you're always using your self-generated renewable power over and above the grid.


This not only means cleaner power to your EV and a lower transport carbon footprint, but also a cheaper power bill at the end of each quarter. 


It also means you're not exporting your solar or wind power back to the grid for a small feed-in-tariff, only to buy it back to charge your EV at a higher rate per kilowatt.

And all this can be controlled via your smartphone.

Watch this video to find out why the hub and the myenergi app are essential

Pretty intelligent EV charging!

How can the EVolution team help you zappi charge your EV?


We have an easy two-step process to get an obligation-free quote for your myenergi zappi; take a photo on your smart phone of your electricity metre box and another of where you'd like your zappi to be installed. Estimate the distance between the two. Then send all the info to us via the contact form on our 'Home Installations' page.

Just like thousands of other EV owners, you'll find this process straight forward and fast.

No matter where you live, we can arrange fast and easy installation of your myenergi zappi using our national network of qualified and safety compliant electricians.

And, we can arrange installation before your EV even arrives, so you get the best charging and driving experience from the minute you get your electric vehicle home.

Some of our recent V1 zappi installs are shown here, with images sent by #happyzappi owners!

Would you like more information about the myenergi product range?

You'll find a wealth of information about this great British company and their very cool products at their website, on YouTube or on sites that specialise in sharing EV information and news.

Or, if you're in Australia or New Zealand and would like to know more or order your own solar-aware zappi EV home charger, please give our friendly team a call.

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Myenergi Zappi home EV charging Australi

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