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Buy and install Myenergi zappi, hub & harvi

Solar-aware and intelligent electric car charging at home with Myenergi zappi.

Why pay to charge your electric car? Use the eco, eco+ or fast modes to power your driving with renewable energy, reduce costs and decarbonise your transport.

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Zappi uses your existing
self-generated power to charge your EV

Yes! Everything in the myenergi range is compatible with EVERY electric vehicle!

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7kW $1,595​

22kW  $1,895

For easy EV charging, start with a solar-connected zappi...​ monitor your charging via the app, add a hub...​


myenergi zappi EV charging


...add a harvi to expand your energy monitoring... 


Need extra CT clamps?


Myenergi zappi solar connected EV chargi
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Drive on sunshine

EVolution is the proud Australian home of British-made myenergi products.

We are the top reseller of zappi chargers in Australia.

Our friendly team of EV charging experts can organise the delivery and installation of your zappi, hub and harvi, anywhere in Australia.

Have questions? Please see the FAQs at the bottom of this page to find out more!

FAQs & more information about charging your electric car at home with the Zappi 

Charge your electric car faster, greener and smarter at home.

Videos, FAQs and all your questions answered about the myenergi range!

Is a zappi right for you? Here's some FAQs about the myenergi zappi...

The zappi is the most intelligent home EV charger on the global market and is compatible with EVERY EV on the Australian market, including the Harley Davidson Livewire and teh recently released BYD range of vehicles.

As you get to know your new zappi EV charger, here are a few questions we get regularly to help you along the way.

What's the difference between the 7kW and 22kW zappi?

The 7kW zappi is best for single phase power supply to your home, whereas the 22kW works best with three phase power. If you're not sure what type of supply you have to your home, please speak to your electrician.

Is the zappi, hub and harvi compatible with all EVs?

Yes! It's also the preferred charger for HD Livewire owner Charley Boorman from Long Way Up!

Which plug type does the zappi use?

The zappi comes standard with a Type 2 plug. We cannot swap the cable or plug for a Type 1 alternative.

IMPORTANT: If you drive a Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or any other vehicle with a Type 1 port, you also need an adaptor cable like this one to use your zappi. Otherwise, this is the best bundle to suit your needs. 

Zappi Untethered 7kW & Public EV Electric Charger Cable Bundle | EVolution Australia

How much does it cost to install?

As the zappi is a unique product on the Australian and New Zealand market we recommend you organise installation through our team. Each of our network of installers has received training for myenergi products and, as we work with them regularly, we can offer cost competitive installation pricing.

You can get a fast and easy installation quote by completing the form on this page. 

Can I use my own installer?

If you wish to use your own installer, they must be a fully qualified electrician. EVolution cannot be held responsible for any issues or failures of any products caused by the installation process. We highly recommend you engage one of our trained and authorised installers such that the Zappi is setup correctly first time. 

Do you have a datasheet and manual?

Please download the datasheet here and manual here.

Is the zappi fully compliant with Australian electrical and safety standards?


Will the zappi work with two phase power?

Yes, but you will need to engage an authorised installer to set this up for you.

Will the zappi work with off-grid solar systems?

Yes, but please contact our team to discuss this.

How many CT clamps are provided?

One CT for single phase versions and three for three phase versions.

Will a single phase Zappi work on three phase power?

Yes, but you will require a harvi plus two additional CT clamps and some additional configuration.

How many additional CT clamps do I need?

This depends on whether you'd like to monitor generation and/or battery storage. 

What do the fast, eco and eco+ modes do?

Eco mode - Zappi will charge your EV while continually adjusting the charge rate as you use electricity in your home in order to minimise the use of grid power. 


Eco+ mode - Zappi adjusts charge rate and will pause the charge to your EV if there is too much grid power being used OR if you don't want to use grid power at all. Like ever.


Fast mode - Zappi gets the EV charging job done asap, importing grid power if you don't have enough being generated from your PV array or wind turbine.

You can read more about the zappi v2 here.

Can I carry out a firmware update?

To update the firmware on your zappi, please follow these instructions on the myenergi website.

Where can I find additional information?

Please visit the myenergi website for more cool stuff and FAQs at 


zappi manual

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zappi datasheet

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Zappi FAQs
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