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Buy and install Myenergi zappi, hub & harvi

Solar-aware and intelligent electric car charging at home with the Myenergi Zappi!

Why pay to charge your electric car? Use the eco, eco+ or fast modes to power your driving with renewable energy, reduce costs and decarbonise your transport.

Myenergi zappi solar connected EV chargi
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Drive on sunshine

Zappi uses your self-generated power to charge your EV

Yes! Everything in the myenergi range is compatible with EVERY electric vehicle!

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7kW $1395​

22kW  $1695

For easy EV charging, start with a solar-connected zappi...​


myenergi zappi EV charging monitor your charging via the app, add a hub...



...add a harvi to expand your energy monitoring... 


Do you need extra CT clamps?


EVolution is the proud Australian home of British-made myenergi products

Our friendly team of EV charging experts can organise the delivery and installation of your zappi, hub and harvi, anywhere in Australia.

Have questions? Please see the FAQs at the bottom of this page to find out more!