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How to charge your electric car at home in Australia and NZ

Affordable, solar-aware home EV charging is easy


So you've just taken delivery of your first electric car? Congratulations!

We've been supporting Australian and New Zealand drivers to in their transition to renewable EV charging and sustainable transport since 2015 and every new EV experience is exciting to us.

While the world of electric vehicles and EV charging can be confusing, the EVolution team specialises in providing reliable support and great advice for any new EV owner wishing to find a fast, affordable and eco-aware EV charging solution for home.

How to charge your electric car at home using the supplied cable?

Most electric cars are supplied with a portable charger - or more accurately Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) - which you'll usually find in the boot upon purchase.


There are exceptions though; some Nissan and Renault electric vehicles such as the Renault Zoe, Renault Kangoo and the latest Nissan LEAF EVs aren’t supplied with a charger or EVSE at all. Therefore it's best to organise your EV charging for home or on the road well before you take delivery of your electric vehicle.

Pros of the supplied EVSE:

  • Usually durable EV charger build.

  • Fits neatly into your boot.

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Level 1 charger for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Cons of the supplied EVSE:

  • The EVSE means you'll be able to charge your EV at home, but it's the slowest way to top up.

  • Your home wiring may not be sufficiently rated or safe to supply and sustain the amps of current for the many hours of EV charging.

  • You may not have a power socket close enough for the length of your EVSE.

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Can I use an extension cable to charge my electric car?

While technically you can use an extension cable to charge your EV or electric car, it’s simply not recommended.


Portable chargers will draw up to the maximum of 10amps for many hours of EV charging, and while extension cables might say they are suitably rated, they will unlikely to be able to handle current for such an extended period.


We have examples of extension cables overheating, melting and fusing over time. The only way it’s possible to use an extension cable is to reduce the charge rate to 6amps with one of our portable switchable EVSEs.

How long to charge my electric car with a portable EVSE or EV charger at home?

The time to charge your electric car in Australia on a portable EVSE will depend on how big the battery is in your car. If you have a Nissan LEAF or early BMW i3 it will take around 10-12 hours to charge from flat. Whereas if you have a larger battery in your car such as in a Hyundai Kona or Tesla Model 3 it may take as long as 30+ hours. 

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So overall, the portable EVSE supplied with your car is OK as a short term solution it’s unlikely to be practical in the longer term as the charge rate will be painfully slow.


Unless you have a power outlet or GPO in exactly the right location where you park your EV which also matches the location of your charge port on your car then plugging in every day will very quickly become a chore.

Because easy charging options are the key to a great EV driving experience, we recommend Level 2 charging at home with the installation of a eco-smart, solar-connected myenergi zappi which uses your self-generated renewable power to charge your electric vehicle.

The best home EV chargers to install at home?

If your home ev charger is not in the correct location or is too slow then you may find your self with too little charge or range far too often. If it’s a hassle you may even forget to plug in your BEV or PHEV? By far the most mature home EV charger option is to install a wall-mounted EV charger or wallbox. A call EV Charger such as the myenergi zappi will enable you to have more charge or more accurately more range more often.


Installing a wall-mounted level 2 EV charging at home is easy:

Step 1: Choose your preferred charger model – here are our favourite models

Step 2: Complete the installation quote form on this page



We offer nationwide installation services across Australia and New Zealand. If you need some help, or have questions, please drop us a note on sales@evolutionaustralia.com.au or if easier call us directly on 1300 70 11 99.