Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV charging

Family-sized, affordable and no range anxiety

It's become such a mainstay in the electric vehicle community that it's hard to believe the plug-in hybrid Outlander has only been around since 2014. Leveraging off their real-world experience of the i-Miev, Mitsubishi launched the Outlander PHEV as the world's first electric SUV.

It was an instant hit in many markets, due to it's ability to make relatively short journeys (less than 50kms) on the battery, but with a petrol back up of around 480kms...perfect for anyone passionate about electric but has range anxiety!



Battery Capacity

Plug Type

48 kms

12 kWh

Type 1


Solar Charge




Outlander PHEV.png

The Outlander PHEV is keenly priced thanks to government subsidies.


The fact that it's well sized for a family and has plenty of boot space has also helped it become a popular choice for first time EV owners. This full five-door, five-passenger SUV with genuine off-road capability in a PHEV package was unusual in 2014...and still is! 


The Outlander PHEV is capable of up to 50km in electric car driving mode from it's dual front and rear motors thanks to its 11kwh (usable) battery pack. Our team knows this plug in hybrid electric car intimately; three of us own one and all of us have driven one!

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