Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV charging guide - 2014 onwards

It's become such a mainstay in the electric vehicle that it's hard to believe the plug-in hybrid Outlander has only been around since 2014.

Leveraging off their real-world experience of the i-Miev, Mitsubishi launched the Outlander PHEV as the world's first EV SUV.

It was an instant hit in many markets, due to it's ability to make relatively short journeys (less than 50kms) on the battery, but with a petrol back up of around 480kms...perfect for anyone passionate about electric but has range anxiety!

The Outlander PHEV was also keenly priced and, in some countries, matched the price of ICE equivalents thanks to government subsidies. The fact that it's well sized for a family and has plenty of boot space has also helped it become a popular choice for first time EV owners.

This full five-door, five-passenger SUV with genuine off-road capability in a PHEV package was unusual in 2014...and still is!


The Outlander PHEV is capable of up to 50km in EV-only mode driving from it's dual front and rear motors thanks to its 10kwh battery pack. Our team knows this EV intimately; three of us own one and all of us have driven one!

While your Outlander PHEV comes with a charging cable, we can help you top up yours quickly and smartly with a range of charging, let's have a look at some great PHEV charging tips and tricks!

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Why upgrade the charging cable your Outlander PHEV comes with?

Having the right charging equipment is key to having a great EV driving experience.

While the charger that comes with your Outlander PHEV is fine for overnight charging, keeping your PHEV topped up during the day or in between trips is much easier with a dedicated wall unit at home and an adaptor for public charging.

​The Outlander PHEV is typically equipped with two charger ports, but only one - the smaller J1772 - is practical for use at home.

Plug standard: Type 1 / J1772

Maximum AC charge rate of 15amp

​​Average time to charge an Outlander PHEV

Dealer supplied charger is up to 5 hours

15amp charger up to 3 hours

32amp charger up to 3 hours

Fast and solar-aware charging for your Outlander PHEV is easy

If you have solar panels, why not use all that renewable energy to charge your PHEV rather than feeding it back to the grid?

British designed and manufactured, the Myenergi Zappi is one of our most popular chargers for EV owners across Australia and New Zealand. The Zappi takes your self-generated solar power and feeds it to your EV, or diverts it to your home appliances at a rate that means you're not using grid power. In short, the Zappi will keep you driving on sunshine!

Or, for Swedish sleek, the ChargeAmps HALO has integrated smart software, an attached charging cable and is made from durable, recycled aluminium.

Myenergi Zappi

ChargeAmps HALO

Level 2 charging for home or office

Eco-smart and solar-aware, uses your own self-generated solar power

Level 2 charging for home or office

Integrated smart software via phone app

What do our Outlander PHEV customers say?


"I found EVolution from another blog/YouTube site. It was a great find. I rang up and asked a tech question then ordered the Portable EVSE EV Level 2 Charger 6 / 10 / 15A Switchable - (3.3kw) for my 3.5 year old Outlander PHEV. 

I have given the service 5 stars and I am very happy to recommend EVolution for their service delivery. The charger has a 3-year warranty and in the short time I have had it, it has worked as stated."


Ian, PHEV owner from Bendigo

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