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 How to - enable climate control on your MG ZS EV

Image by myenergi

Would you like to enable hidden climate control menu option on your MG ZS EV? Read on!

Attention all prospective and current MG ZS EV owners. From factory the MG ZS EV does not have climate control available. Actually, that's not true. It's available but hidden. So here's how you enable climate control for your MG ZS EV.via a super secret hidden menu option!

Here's the step by step instructions;


Set up menu
Tap screen starting at top left (help file title), top right, bottom right, bottom left (serial number title).

Top Engineering mode several times until CAN info appears
CAN info
Page 1
Select ATC_D
OK System will restart, and now you have climate control for free! You're welcome!

credit: Chris Vanderstock: Check out his channel Chris Vanderstock - YouTube

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