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BMW 330e & 530e EV Charging

Welcome to the BMW range of EVs. 

Introduced to Australia and NZ in 2017, the 330e and 530e were the first plug in hybrid electric vehicles to be sold by BMW. With a 9.8kwh battery and 2 litre turbo 4 cylinder petrol engine, the cars were a radical departure from the BMW straight six heritage.

Not only are the cars capable of between 30 and 50km of pure electric range, they're also entertaining to drive with 0-100 times of around 6 seconds. The total usable system output is 185 kW and 420 Nm and that torque figure is more than produced by the E46 M3.



Battery Capacity

Plug Type

40-60 kms

7.6 - 12 kWh

Type 1


Solar Charge




How to charge your BMW 330e and 530e

All in all, these BMWs are great PHEVs - easy to drive and simple to charge up. While they both arrive in your driveway with an EV charging cable, we can help you charge your BMW 330e or 530e faster and smarter!

Depending on the market these BMWs are equipped with either a a single Type 1 (J1772), a Type 2 (Mennekes) OR a charger port.  The on-board charger is rated to 3.3kw.

While all of this sounds a bit confusing (and it is!) you can check out our plug guide for a run down on how the BMW 330e and 530e plug in.


We recommend you check which connector you have before ordering a charging cable or wall unit charger (if you're not sure, simply give us a call and we'll talk you through it).


Using our national network of professional and qualified electricians, we can install an EV charging unit nationally in Australia and New Zealand.


Let's have a look at other great EVSE charging options. ​

How long do the 330e and 530e take to charge up?

If you use the supplied charging cable, the average time to recharge either model is around 5 hours. However, we can help you get that time down to around 3 hours with a 3.3kW or 7.6kW charger...we can also help you do it with your own self-generated solar power!

The Myenergi Zappi or the ChargeAmps HALO are smart charging units that not only look amazing on your garage wall, but will also make life a LOT easier when you want a simple and effective EV driving experience, day-in, day-out.

One of our best selling products for all EV owners, the Myenergi Zappi is solar-aware, meaning it connects to your solar system and will only use your own self-generated power. Imagine you've got your 330e plugged in outside, but put the kettle on in the kitchen, the Zappi will divert power to your kettle until it's boiled. It will then move power back to your EV, ensuring you don't pull (or pay!) for power from the grid.

Fast, intelligent and solar-connected electric car charging for your

BMW 330e or 530e

Myenergi Zappi


Charge your EV from your PV! Use only your self generated renewable power.

zappi v2 white.jpg

Marvin 7


Add up to 50km of range for every hour of charge. Our very own product made for you.


The Giger


Plug into any three phase power outlet for faster charging.


EV charging bundle


Top up anywhere at anytime, with a portable charging bundle in the boot.

EV Charging bundle.jpg

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