Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 'Warp Core' Charge Port Mod

Who doesn't want a cool charge port light on their Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV?


This a great looking modification which is relatively easy to make up and won't invalidate your warranty.


Note, you will need some soldering/electronics skills plus a 3D printer or a friend with a 3D printer ;-).

Disclaimer: This procedure is provided in case of interest and we are not liable for any injury or damage as a result of following these instructions.

Procurement and 3D Printing

So first you will need to order the following components

1.- T10 LED

2. 90mm ice blue

Then navigate to and print the charger plate.

Once you have all three components in hand carefully cut up the T10 LED and solder the Halo wires to the remaining plug. Suggest you use some heat shrink to secure and isolate the connecting wires. You will then up with an assembly similar to the below. Adhere the Halo ring to your printed Warp Core ring using a little hot glue.

Retrieve the standard charge port light and disconnect the cable. Connect the cable up to the new Halo ring and feed the cable back into the charge light hole. You may find a better way of routing the cable but this will depend on your preferences. This mod is 100% reversible as is.

Replace the original charge port light and place the ring over the J1772 dock and you're done! Should you make any material improvements to the design then be sure to reference the original design. This print may work with other J1772 charge ports. We've noticed the hinge on the 1st Gen LEAF is fouled when the Warp Core is installed but nothing a little trimming would fix.

If you like the design and the results don't forget to like us on Facebook and the Thingiverse page too!

Go on.. you know you want one  ;-)

Outlander PHEV Best Sellers

Yes! We are open, have stock and shipping orders (as quick as ever!) during these testing times. Keep well and isolated!

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