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We've been in the EV business since 2015, working with venues all across Australia to install electric vehicle charging. 


No matter where you are, we can make it easy and cost-effective to offer EV charging to your guests.


With expert EV charger installation for hotels, motels, wineries and AirBnBs. and an easy-to-use payment system, you can offset operation costs and add a stream of hands-free revenue, all while increasing your amenities to guests, and making your venue a destination for EV drivers.


We think that's a win-win! Let's make it happen- get in touch today and our team of EV experts can provide you with a free detailed quote.

Electric Car Chargers for Hotels, Motels, Wineries & AirBnbs


Case Study:
Delatite Winery

We recently installed Zappi Chargers at Delatite Winery in VIC, with features including multiple and flexible billing.
Load management and balancing across groups or pools of EV charging units was an essential inclusion, along with an easy-to-use dashboard with real-time and historic data, such as power usage and charge times.

“It’s a great service for people because there isn’t an electric car charger for miles around, and it’s a way of drawing people into the winery. It also costs next to nothing and we will give it for free. To me it’s a no-brainer.” -  David, Owner of Delatite Winery

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Why Install EV Charging at Your Hotel or Winery?

Offering EV charging services at your hotel or winery can result in increased bookings, positive reviews, and the potential for additional revenue streams. By accommodating electric vehicle owners, your hotel demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, while tapping into a booming market segment and staying ahead in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. 

Start from scatch

Hotel Motel and AirBnB Ready EV Electric Car Chargers

The three EV chargers below are the only electric car chargers you need to consider for your hotel, motel and AirBnB.

The best EV Charging options for most hotels, motels or AirBnbs are an AC Zappi  (7 or 22kW) or Delta DC Fast Charger at 25kW. Anything more powerful may result in the need for power supply upgrades. You can add billing and installation to any of these options at check-out.


Ask us why this is a good idea.

Best chargers for hotel and winery
add billing platfom
Property Developers

Already have an EV charger installed at your venue? Let's add a billing platform.


We are the only company in Australia that can add billing to any existing EV charger. Options include Tap and Go Credit card billing or, if the charger is already OCPP compliant, then we can simply connect it to our Aussie developed, EVUp UpCharge platform


You might already have a charger installed at your venue, without billing and software added- if you offer free charging, you are missing out on an important source of revenue and data. Regardless of whether you choose to add billing to your charger, our software can provide valuable insights on customer usage.

Are you ready to collect revenue from your electric car charger? 

Simply complete the form below and we'll do the rest.

Otherwise give us a call on 1300 388 700 or complete the form below for a callback.

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EV Charger + AirBNB - The Perfect Combination

Why should I add an EV Charger (and specifically a Zappi) to my AirBnB?

Review of AirBnB Tesla EV Charging Station at Casa Oliva, Shoalhaven Heads NSW Australia | Zappi EV Charger AIRBNB TESLA EV CHARGING STATION ZAPPI | CASA OLIVA SHOALHAVEN HEADS | Tesla Tom | Ludicrous Feed


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Before you go... here's why our UpCharge OCPP software is the key to simple Hotel, Motel and AirBnb EV Charging 

We've developed software that is capable of managing:

  • Multiple and flexible billing, including by the hour, by kWh and by consumer type

  • Load management and balancing across groups or pools of EV charging units

  • An easy-to-use dashboard so you can find real-time and historic data, such as power usage and charge times


The data we've collected and experience gained from previous Hotel, motel and airbnb EV charging installations also informs how we can best use your existing infrastructure, what upgrades may be necessary and what you can probably do without.

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