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Buy and install myenergi zappi

Need help installing your myernergi zappi wall charger? We can provide a fully installed below, simply fill out the form.

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Welcome to intelligent, solar-aware EV charging!

We're proud to work with a safety and compliance trained network of electricians across Australia and New Zealand who will get install your zappi and get your EV charging from your PV, quickly and efficiently!

We just need a few details from you so we can provide an installation quote and allocate you an installer.​

Please complete the form below and see the FAQs if you get stuck.

In this form, please fill in as much detail as possible, including:

  • Uploading a photo of your meter box

  • Uploading a photo of where you'd like your zappi to be located

  • The distance between these two points

  • Your household power supply 

Once we've received your form, we'll be in touch to give you an installation quote and your installers details.

Thank you for your purchase and we look forward to hearing your #happizappi stories!

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FAQs about the myenergi zappi...

Put simply, the zappi is the one of the most intelligent EV chargers on the global market.

As you get to know your new zappi EV charger, here are a few questions we get regularly to help you along the way.

Can I use my own installer?

As the zappi is a new products on The Australian and New Zealand market we recommend you organise installation through our team. Each of our network of installers has received training for myenergi products and, as we work with them regularly, we can offer cost competitive installation pricing.

If you wish to use your own installer, they must be a fully qualified electrician. EVolution cannot be held responsible for any issues or failures of any products caused by the installation process.

Is the zappi fully compliant with Australian electrical and safety standards?


Will the zappi work with two phase power?


Will the zappi work with off-grid solar systems?

Yes, but please contact our team to discuss this.

How many CT clamps are provided?

One CT for single phase versions and three for three phase versions.

How many additional CT clamps do I need?

This depends on whether you'd like to monitor generation and/or battery storage. 

What do the fast, eco and eco+ modes do?

Eco mode - Zappi will charge your EV while continually adjusting the charge rate as you use electricity in your home in order to minimise the use of grid power. 


Eco+ mode - Zappi adjusts charge rate and will pause the charge to your EV if there is too much grid power being used OR if you don't want to use grid power at all. Like ever.


Fast mode - Zappi gets the EV charging job done asap, importing grid power if you don't have enough being generated from your PV array or wind turbine.

You can read more about the zappi v2 here.

Can I carry out a firmware update?

To update the firmware on your zappi, please follow these instructions on the myenergi website -

Where can I find additional information?

Please visit the myenergi website for more, at

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