April 3, 2020

Great zappi results for March 2020! The Zappi has charged our car with 536KWh of energy, which equals 3825kms of free, solar-powered EV driving.

March 25, 2020

Have you ever dreamt about smooth and silent driving through the beautiful Australian bush in your own converted classic electric vehicle?

March 25, 2020

Using an EV charging station and the etiquette involved can be slightly confusing when you're new to EV driving. Our five simple steps to get started.

March 18, 2020

What is a ‘universal’ EV charging station? More EV jargon to learn, but thankfully this one is an easy explanation.

March 11, 2020

Can I charge my electric vehicle with an extension cord? Short answer? No. Here's why.

March 5, 2020

Can I afford an EV? How to save on upfront purchase costs!

March 1, 2020

What is AC electric vehicle charging? How is it different to DC charging and why is it often the best option for public electric car charging?

February 5, 2020

Charging our EV from our PV! 99.5% of our 4,530 kms driven in January have been solar powered through the myenergi zappi.

Leading the charge...how a small community group got a big EV charging result.

January 30, 2020

How do you charge your electric vehicle with your solar power? BMW i3s owner Chris reviews his first year with a BMW i3s and the Myenergi Zappi.

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