EV charging case studies in Australia and NZ

Just a small selection of our recent public electric car charging projects

Working to install commercial EV charging for the growing community of EV drivers and reduce the fear of range anxiety for potential owners. And to help attract electric car drivers to frequent you venue and generate revenue.

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Aventus Group - Australia's biggest large format retail group

Aventus Group have partnered with EVolution Australia to install monitored and managed EV charging stations at two of their 18 locations across Australia.

"As sector leaders we have a role in driving industry best practice, as well as supporting initiatives that encourage the use of electric vehicles, as well as other sustainability initiatives and processes.” said Aventus Group CEO Darren Holland.


The dual-port 22kW AURA chargers by ChargeAmps were installed at Cranbourne Home and Peninsula Home in 2019 and are free for EV drivers to use.


The AURA can provide 40-120kms of battery-powered driving for every hour of charge, depending on the type of electric vehicle.

Westfield Woden EV charging for shoppers

Shortly after the installation of two Cylon chargers at Westfield Woden Shopping Centre, the centre Facilities Manager observed that the charging stations were often occupied.


Even without any publicity and the allocated parking spaces not being in prominent locations, the stations were still 'discovered' by EV owners. Word spread amongst electric vehicle drivers via social media, word of mouth and the location was posted on the popular EV app, Plugshare.

The stations are clearly, well frequented and popular with all EV users during their shopping experience. In a recent survey, EV owners revealed that they would prioritise a location with EV charging to one without. Consumers of Westfield Woden now see the location as a convenient charging stop thus have become loyal to the brand.

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Multi-level EV charging for apartments and a retail mixed location

A challenging EV charging installation that required an innovative back end solution with front end PayPass (tap and go) payment system.

These ChargeAmps AURA units are online and open for public use, offering a fast and contactless way to charge and go. This charging site is located in the Melbourne CBD, with easy access to work and shopping.

Now connected to the network of our partner company EVUp, this EV charging project is the first of several multi-level residential installs we're supplying and installing this myear

High traffic public electric car charger -the gateway to Gippsland and Phillip Island

While this isn't a fast charger, it is now one of the most popular destination chargers in Victoria and has created a new income stream for the shops and businesses in Koo Wee Rup.


For EV owners travelling to Phillip Island, Wonthaggi and the rest of Bass Coast Shire, the EV charger at Koo Wee Rup is a mandatory stop off. The charger enables travellers to top up their battery and top up themselves with something from the bakery or local shops.

Since installing the charger, it is already proving to be popular, with numerous check-ins and anecdotes about meals and coffees bought at the nearby cafes and restaurants. In short, it's become a prime stop off point for those travelling to or from Melbourne to Bass Coast Shire.

this represented an extremely modest investment for the venue owner but has helped generate massive and regular revenue for the town and local businesses.