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We’re proud to be charging ahead with Aussie EV innovation

It’s a well-built, durable and robust public AC electric vehicle charging station. It’s also designed, developed and manufactured by our team, right here in Melbourne.

We are EV owners ourselves. And, like many others, have had frequent disappointing encounters with under-powered, poorly located or unserviceable EV charge stations. As a result, we’ve been working on creating a unit specifically for Australian EV drivers.

The AURIGA is specifically built for Aussie conditions. Therefore, it’s perfect for open air public car parks, local government sites, businesses with fleet EVs, apartment blocks and for placement on traditional petrol station forecourts. Inspired by the shape of a traffic bollard, the AURIGA will withstand weather and public usage wear and tear with ease.

We support local EV charging (and think everyone else should too)

We know that supporting local means jobs, stronger communities and economic benefits. In the case of the AURIGA, it also encourages the uptake of sustainable transport options and, often, associated renewable energy projects to power EVs.

In short, where locally designed and manufactured products are available and competitive, we reckon local governments, businesses, communities and organisations should be choosing Australian made. 

Functional and practical AC EV charging

The key features of the AURIGA include:

Proudly designed and made in Australia by EVolution

Robust and reliable for public use

Up to three plug ports which can charge up to 22kW on each simultaneously

Charge ports can be set to fixed maximum current to suit available power

It’s flexible and durable:

Feature rich and future proof

Automated illumination

Capable of being monitored, managed and monetised

Temperature and UV resistant

IP55 / IK10

The AURIGA’s modular construction means:

It’s easy to upgrade in future

Large flat areas for branding or advertising

It’s easy and efficient to install:

Accessible power connection

Floor or rear cable entry

Internal RCBO Type A + DC

No pedestal required

AURIGA Made in Melbourne.jpg

Wireless phone charging

Auto night illumination

1 to 3 charging ports + 10amp e-bike charging

Flat surfaces for your branding

Modular build for easy upgrades

Robust pedestal design

Closed loop recyclable materials


If you’d like a complete spec sheet for the AURIGA AC EV charger, please get in touch. 

The AURIGA is as Aussie as…

We’re big supporters of Australian designed and made stuff. Importantly, it gives the business down the road some work, and also helps train and employ young people across the country.

Therefore, we worked hard to get approval and registration for the AURIGA with the Australian Made Campaign. This means we’re legally and proudly able to display the ‘Made in Australia’ logo on this product wherever it’s installed.

However, there’s no point being as Aussie as if we’re not competitive. That’s why we’ve made sure the AURIGA is not only a market leader in terms of innovation, but also on price.


So, if you’d like to know more about installing the AURIGA at your government site, shopping centre, apartment block or public car park, we’d love to hear from you. Mate.


AURIGA AC EV Charging Surf

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