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How much will it cost to install an EV electric car charger in my home?

And how to avoid the common mistakes when buying and installing an EV Charger

 #1 The granny trickle charger (portable EVSE) may work for you at home but you will be caught short.. 

Many "make do" with a portable EVSE or trickle / granny charger for charging their car at home, but it's far from ideal.


Most portable EV Chargers have a maximum charge rate of 8 amps which equates to around 10km or range per hour connected. 


That's fine if you only drive say 40km a day and are fine running the gauntlet with unreliable and inconvenient public charging infrastructure.


The truth is an occasional / portable EVSE is simply too slow for general use and will be detrimental to your overall experience of running an electric car. 

#2 Don't underestimate the importance of your home EV charger

We need to dismiss the myth that a home EV charger is no more complicated or expensive than a general power outlet or GPO.


1. A wall EV charger will need a dedicated power supply run direct from your distribution box which may be 5 or 55 metres away.


2. You can't simply convert or add on to an existing powerpoint in your garage. 


3. You home may need electrical upgrades to sustain the lengthy current draws your car will need.


4. You will want to remote control your EV charger or ultimately integrate with your solar. 


Add to the fact that there's a whole lot of compliance associated with the RCDs (breakers) and the Wallboxes themselves, hopefully you can appreciate it's more than just a 5 minute / $5 job.

#3 Buy (solar) smart for your electric car

Your best friend when it comes to your EV will be  your home charger.


We've seen customers spend big on tinting, paint protection, suspension and hi-fi upgrades but dismiss investing in a smart, robust & reliable EV charger for home. 

Here's what good looks like. A proper EV charger at home will:

1. Be installed in the correct location


2. Maximise use of your solar power

3. Be Battery Ready - most basic chargers won't integrate with battery systems 


3. Charge your car quickly & efficiently.

4. Be reliable and easy to use

5. Have remote and advanced controls  such as 7 day timer and PIN lockout.

5. Have local support and parts availability - just like myenergi in Melbourne!

zappi pedestal (2).jpg

#4 Don't compare the cost of your install with others - there may be no comparison!

Our installation costs range from around $500 up to around $5000!. Why such a difference in cost?

1. Distance from the switchboard to where you park your car - this can be from 2m to 50m and will be 

2. Your switchboard may be full or non-compliant - an electrician cannot leave your home unsafe so mandatory work may be required as a component of your install.

3. Single phase or three phase? EV drivers love three phase power but some of the components cost (you guessed it) three times the price!

4. Are we digging a tunnel (sorry, trench)? If cabling needs to be run to a separate garage or car port, additional trenching labour will be required

5. Wall or floor mount? - the beautiful stainless pedestal in the picture across makes the garden location 

Finally, be realistic. If based on the above your install requires two experienced professionals to be at your home for two days it will cost more than $500. 

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