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Our EVCycle program

Closing the loop on EV charging equipment

A team of EV charging infrastructure specialists, innovators & advocates, supporting the transition to zero-emission transport in Australia and New Zealand.


Did you know your EV charging cable equals five meals for Aussies doing it tough?

We're proud to partner with the amazing social enterprise team at PonyUp For Good who recycle e-waste and have featured on the ABCs War on Waste series.

For every end-of-life EV charging cable recycled through our EVCycle program, the PonyUp For Good team can assist food charity Second Bite to feed people and families who are struggling, right across Australia.

If your business would like to explore e-waste recycling through PonyUp For Good, please follow their socials or contact them directly.

If you have an old or damaged EV charging cable or wall unit, post it to us at:

Evolution Australia

Unit 32

536 Clayton Road

Clayton South Victoria 3167

Your EV charging cable will be placed into a specialist e-waste bin and collected by PonyUp For Good. They'll strip and recycle it, and send 50% of profits to SecondBite.

Please note that we cannot take DC charging units or EV battery packs at this time.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. 


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How EVCycle works

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