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EV charging solutions for property developers & estimators

Do you need a reliable idea of how EV charging infrastructure can be pre-designed or retrofitted into construction projects?

We’ve worked with developers and estimators who have contacted us for a number of reasons:

  • A client has requested an electric car charge point, or several, be installed in their project. However…they’ve provided very little information and they don’t know what they want. And you don't know where to start.

  • They’ve heard a bit about electric vehicles – or maybe drive one – and understand infrastructure will be in demand. You understand electric vehicles are the future and you'd like to offer quality charging solutions on your next development. Above all, you want to offer quality EV charging solutions but don’t know much about supporting technology or how to accurately quote it.

  • You’re responding to a competitive tender and want to get an edge while also selling the green credentials of your proposal. But you need some expert advice on exactly how to EV charging infrastructure in and how to accurately cost it.

Our team will work with you to help develop understanding around how electric vehicle charging options fit into building plans, how charging works and what the unit supply and installation costs will be.

By partnering with experienced and informed EV charging specialists, you’ll save yourself hassle – and money – by planning EV charging that articulates any particular requirements to the builder, electrician and other contractors.


Need help planning and costing EV charging?

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Plan and deploy EV charging on construction projects

Australia and New Zealand are experiencing the start of an exciting transition to lower emission transport, both personally and commercially.


Therefore future-proofing charging solutions is essential, which is why we take into consideration a number of factors when discussing your estimation or construction project with you.

EV charger access control via a smart phone app.

 Automated billing solutions to avoid management overheads.

Type 2 to type 1 curly cable.jpg

Get our electric vehicle charging team on your side

Regardless of the stage at which your project sits currently, the EVolution team has the experience and expertise to help.


Moreover, by offering a genuine national EV charging installation service for development projects across Australia and New Zealand – both during design and costing, or even after construction has commenced – we aim to identify and mitigate the challenges associated with major construction projects.

With both software coders and material fabricators on our team, we are dynamically flexible and able to customise project deliverables to suit your specific needs. Forgotten to include a pedestal for your charging station? No worries, ask us and we’ll create it for you.

In short, we aim to make the process of installation and delivery as easy as possible. In addition, we make the process of charging any electric vehicle so smooth that everyone will want to buy one!

"Was going on a road trip in my Tesla and was desperately looking a J1772 to Tesla adaptor. Sent an email query to EVolution and got a text in 5min!! Advised to go online to order and it will be delivered in the morning. Got my adaptor delivered as promised. Amazing service and at a competitive price as well!"

Eddie, Tesla S

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