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Revolutionising Fleet Charging: EVolution's Installation of EV Chargers for Acciona

Upon initial consultation, Acciona expressed to us about their frustrations with previous attempts to find suitable EV charging solutions. They had engaged with several competitors but encountered difficulty in obtaining clear and effective recommendations. The primary concerns revolved around the compatibility of hardware, software capabilities, and the ability to accurately track energy usage.

Acciona also emphasised the need for reimbursement systems for drivers charging at home and cross-charging between different business units within the organisation. Additionally, the company required load management solutions to prevent power supply disruptions at their facilities.

After thorough discussions and assessments of Acciona's requirements, we proposed the zappi charger. This recommendation was based on several key factors:

  1. Load Management Capability

  2. Contractor Power Monitoring

  3. Compatibility and Flexibility

  4. Scalability and Deployment Expertise

Once the Zappi was agreed on by Acciona, EVolution initiated the deployment process, in which chargers across Acciona's diverse locations were installed efficiently, including urban centers such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney & Adelaide.

The collaboration between EVolution and Acciona resulted in a successful transition to electric mobility for Acciona's fleet. The implementation of EV chargers facilitated seamless charging experiences for drivers while enabling accurate tracking of energy usage and cost allocation. With load management capabilities, Acciona can now effectively manage power supply, ensuring uninterrupted operations across its facilities. Moreover, the scalability and flexibility of the UPCharge platform provided Acciona with a future-proof solution adaptable to evolving needs and technologies.

EVolution's partnership with Acciona exemplifies the transformative potential of EV charging solutions in enabling sustainable transportation practices. By addressing Acciona's challenges with innovative technology and expertise, EVolution facilitated the smooth adoption of electric mobility within the organization. As Acciona continues to lead in sustainable practices, EVolution remains a trusted partner in supporting their electrification journey.


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