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Public EV Charging: EV Chargers for Council and Government

Auriga Charger: Powering Innovation and Sustainability at Town of East Fremantle Council

In the bustling town of East Fremantle, a beacon of innovation and sustainability now stands tall—the Auriga Charger. Designed and developed in Melbourne, the Auriga isn't just a super fast charger; it's a statement of commitment to a greener future.

Efficiency Meets Convenience

Equipped with dual Type 2 ports, the Auriga Charger allows for fast-charging two vehicles simultaneously. This makes it a perfect choice for public charging stations, where efficiency and convenience are paramount.

Community-Centric Approach

The Town of East Fremantle council has taken a proactive step by offering the Auriga Charger free to use. This decision not only provides the community with a crucial service as the number of electric vehicles on our roads increases but also encourages locals to visit the main shopping district. Additionally, it appeals to EV tourists considering East Fremantle, showcasing the town as a welcoming and forward-thinking destination.

Customisable Design for a Distinctive Identity

What sets the Auriga apart is its durable and customisable housing, designed to showcase your logo and branding proudly. At Town of East Fremantle council, we created a bespoke design that not only offers tourists and locals a convenient spot for charging but also elevates the council's reputation as a frontrunner in innovation and sustainability.

Driving Economic and Environmental Benefits

By promoting electric vehicle usage through initiatives like the Auriga Charger, East Fremantle is not only contributing to a cleaner environment but also stimulating local economic activity. The presence of convenient charging facilities encourages longer stays and increased foot traffic, benefitting businesses and residents alike.

Auriga: More Than Just a Charger

With its sleek design, dual charging capability, and community-focused approach, the Auriga Charger stands as a symbol of progress and sustainability. It's not just about charging up; it's about standing out and making a positive impact on our environment and communities. Contact us today to learn how you can bring this cutting-edge solution to your business or government location.


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