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Fleet EV Charging Made Easy

Switching to electric cars isn't just about adopting new vehicles; it's about embracing a sustainable future while ensuring operational efficiency. When "I'm in the Right" - Not At Fault Car Rental decided to make this transition for their staff fleet and customer car hire offering across Australia, they knew they needed a partner who could provide a comprehensive charging solution. That's where EVUp stepped in to make fleet charging a breeze.

"I'm in the Right" had specific requirements for their charging infrastructure. They needed equipment and software tailored to their needs, coupled with expert installation, staff handover, and training. EVUp understood these needs and partnered with "I'm in the Right" to deliver a complete turnkey solution.

Customised Software for Efficient Management

One of the key aspects of the partnership was providing software that could offer detailed usage and tracking data for the staff vehicles. This software allows management to monitor charging patterns, energy consumption, and cost allocation, ensuring optimal fleet management.

Expert Installation and Support

EVUp ensured that the installation process was seamless and reliable. From selecting the right charging equipment to expertly installing them at all sites across Australia, EVUp's team of professionals ensured that "I'm in the Right" had a charging infrastructure they could rely on. What's more, ongoing maintenance and support are just a phone call away, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted operations.

Transitioning to Fully Electric Fleets

"I'm in the Right" charged EVUp with converting all their offices around Australia to support fully electric staff fleets. This transition not only aligns with their commitment to sustainability but also positions them as leaders in adopting innovative solutions for their operations.

Expanding Customer Offerings

Not stopping at internal operations, "I'm in the Right" extended their electric vehicle initiative to their customer car hire offering as well. This move not only enhances their service but also contributes to greener mobility by promoting electric mobility to a wider audience.

Through this partnership, EVUp and "I'm in the Right" demonstrate how fleet charging can be made easy with the right technology, expertise, and commitment to sustainability. As more businesses embrace electric mobility, collaborations like this pave the way for a cleaner and more efficient future. Get in touch today to charge your fleet with confidence


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