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Empowering Sustainable Delivery: EVUp's Partnership with Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap (WGAC), an Aussie brand renowned for its environmentally friendly toilet paper, is taking their commitment to sustainability a step further by transitioning to sustainable delivery methods. With two new electric delivery vans on the road, WGAC sought a partner to ensure seamless charging solutions at their warehouse. That's where EVUp came in, delivering a complete turnkey solution to support WGAC's sustainable fleet.

Tailored Solutions for Sustainable Delivery

EVUp's partnership with WGAC began with a free consultation and onsite assessment. Understanding the unique needs of WGAC's delivery operations, EVUp devised a comprehensive plan that included expert installation of EV charging infrastructure at the warehouse.

Complete Visibility and Control

One of the key components of the solution was the UpCharge software, providing management with complete visibility of charging activities and usage data. This empowered WGAC to track energy consumption, optimise charging schedules, and make informed decisions for their electric fleet.

Empowering Teams with Knowledge

The service by EVUp didn't stop at installation; we provided training and handover sessions to equip WGAC's team with the confidence and knowledge to maximise the benefits of their EV charging infrastructure. This ensured smooth operations and efficient utilisation of the electric delivery vans.

Thriving on Effectiveness and Sustainability

The collaboration between EVUp and WGAC has yielded impressive results. WGAC is thrilled with the effectiveness and sustainability of their EV fleet, which aligns with their core values of environmental sustainability and innovation.

Just the Beginning

Impressed with the initial success of their fleet, WGAC has commissioned EVUp to expand their EV charging stations to more sites as their fleet of electric vans grows. This expansion not only supports WGAC's commitment to sustainability but also sets a benchmark for eco-friendly delivery practices in the industry.

Through this partnership, EVUp and WGAC showcase how sustainability and innovation can go hand in hand, paving the way for a greener future in the delivery sector.

Are you ready to power your sustainability goals with effective EV charging solutions?


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