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A month of sunshine...and free EV charging!

The EV charging results are in for January!

It's been a great summer so far, so I thought I'd provide another update on how we drive our 2018 BMW i3s electric vehicle on a combination of both public charging and the Myenergi Zappi at home.

Record breaking EV charging results

We're pretty pleased with our results for the month...and actually can't understand why anyone WOULDN'T want to drive electric!

The Zappi has charged our car with 657.42KWh of energy, which means that only 3.4KWh (~95c) has come from the grid (which is roughly 70-80% generated by fossil fuels).

Thousands of kilometres driven for free

In short, we've charged our 2018 BMW i3s electric vehicle 99.5% from our solar system. With that we’ve driven a whopping 4,530 kilometres!

So, about our solar system, we have 21.6KW in panels, 9.6KW facing East, 6.9KW facing West and 5.4KW North. That’s connected to two 8.2KW Symo Fronius inverters. On 3 phase, export limited to 15KW.

Total generation of our solar system

This month so far we’ve generated just over 3MWh, exported 1.8MWh and only imported 125KWh from the grid, that’s only 4KWh a day. We are able to enjoy receiving a healthy cash back from our power retailer, instead of a nasty bill and a small feed-in tariff.

Why we drive electric

Simple. Anyone who's driven an EV knows it's the comfort, silence, power and torque of the BMW i3s that makes it such a pleasure to drive.

I'll be posting regular updates here on the EVolution blog, and also at The Australian Electric Vehicle Association - Queensland Branch Facebook page; if you have questions, I'm happy to answer them!

I would like to encourage other Zappi owners to post their months stats here, that would be great. Also if anyone has any questions, I am happy to help.


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