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Tesla 3, Nissan LEAF, VicPol’s Tesla X…it’s all happening in EV land

While the federal election outcome could be described as a bad result for the Australian EV market, the good news seems to be updated by the minute despite the lackadaisical approach of the LNP.

On Friday, Tesla invited registered enthusiasts to start configuring their new Model 3, signalling the imminent arrival of the long-anticipated family-friendly EV to our shores. Then, the 2019 Nissan LEAF started to show up on Australia’s largest sales site, giving us a good look at the new model’s features and cost.

Then this morning, on a best drought-breaking wet start we’ve seen from our Melbourne office for many years, the announcement that Victoria Police have started looking into the feasibility of EVs for their highway patrol cars (from their media release):

From today, Victoria Police’s Road Policing Command will utilise the all-electric Tesla Model X in highway patrol operational duties, a first for an Australian police organisation.

This is major news. Not only because – as their media release points out – it’s the biggest development in road patrols since vehicles were introduced to the police service over 100 years ago, but it gives yet another tick of approval for and confidence in the range, reliability and functionality of electric vehicles in Australia.

In short, the uptake of electric vehicles continued unaffected by any obstacle or policy our federal government can throw at it.

Which brings us to an important question…
…how will these EVs best be charged at work, home or in a police compound car park?As one Tesla 3 almost-owner told us last week, taking delivery of any EV without proper charging options is like getting a car with three wheels. And, we’d have to agree.For both the Tesla 3 and the Nissan LEAF, we’re recommending the Zappi 7Kw which is the only wall unit charger on the Australian market that is solar-aware…meaning you’ll use your own self-generated power before pulling from the grid (if you’ve got solar, why not use your own power before feeding back to the grid for the usual feed-in-tariff pittance). You can read more about it here.But, a word of holistic advice from your wise EVolution team…order now (free set of steak knives not included).As we’ve already had a bunch of enquiries since Friday from Tesla 3 registrants, we’re anticipating a deluge (like the rain) of enquiries over coming weeks. So many, in fact, that we’re already preparing for pre-orders while we organise new shipments of the Zappi from the lovely people at myenergi HQ in Britain.And, without wanting to sound too braggy, we’re the only Aussie supplier of this awesome EV charging product.Oh, and if Victorian Police are reading this, get in touch. We’ll chuck your highway patrol girls and guys one for free.
The zappi 7Kw from myenergi…solar aware, super smart. Click on the image for more info.​
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