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Australia’s first school EV charger!

We’re really pleased to have partnered with Beaconhills College to install a dual port ChargeAmps AURA at their school so the staff, students and parents can get a taste for electric driving.

Our media release is below, with coverage from The Driven here.

Thanks to everyone at Beaconhills College for their enthusiasm and vision in taking up and trialling this exciting initiative!

Beaconhills College the first school in Victoria to install an electric vehicle charging


Environmentally-focused student learning will be enhanced at Beaconhills College, the first Victorian, and possibly Australian, school to install an EV charge point.

It’s part of a pilot program that the College hopes to expand as their fleet and staff cars, and eventually parents, move towards EVs.

It is one of a range of sustainability initiatives the College is introducing in order to reduce their carbon footprint. It will also encourage the school community to take action on climate change.

Powered by a 100kW solar system, the dual port 22kW AURA charger from Swedish company ChargeAmps, can provide 40-100kms of battery-powered driving for every hour of charge, depending on the type of electric vehicle. The College has a total of 630kW of solar power across two campuses.

EVs part of the plan

“We see electric vehicles as part of our sustainability programs.” Beaconhills College Headmaster Tony Sheumack said.

“Our Sustainability Coordinator Jack Donkers explored EV charging options and how we could reduce air pollution around campuses. In addition, wanted to encourage the uptake of EVs, both at the College and in the wider community.”

“The information the AURA generates will be used in the classroom to help students understand the benefits of electric vehicles. It will also help them be more informed when purchasing a car in future.”

Students will also study the limitations of EVs and explore challenges the transport sector faces in reducing vehicle emissions.

Beaconhills College Sustainability Coordinator Jack Donkers with the dual port AURA.

Proud to recommend and install the ChargeAmps AURA

The College partnered with Melbourne-based EV specialists EVolution Australia to install the AURA charging station.

“We’re so pleased to see the uptake of electric vehicles firmly on the agenda for Beaconhills College. We’re sure other schools will look to them as a leader in this space.” EVolution Australia director Russ Shepherd said.“Our research shows that many families waiting for the release of new electric vehicles in 2019, such as the Tesla 3 and Nissan LEAF.”

“Transport is the second largest greenhouse gas contributor, and emissions are projected to continue to grow up to 2030*. It’s clear to see why it’s vital to curb our use of traditional diesel and petrol vehicles as soon as possible.”

* Source:

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