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JAX Tyres Charging Network - Here's the Detail!

So no doubt you’re just as excited regards the JAX Tyres / EVolution announcement made early last week as we are! If you’ve ever spoken with any of the team at EVolution, you’ll know we live and breathe electric vehicles. So having a major outlet announce their commitment to sustainable transport and decide to roll out a nationwide charging network to 89 locations means as much to us as EVolution crew as it does to us as individuals, who live the #EVLife.

The Tech

There’s been many requests for more information since the announcement last week. So what are the details? When will each site be EV Ready? Why the AURA and the Tritium products? Here’s what we can share…

Each site will be equipped with a minimum of a dual socket 22Kw universal EVSE. The AURA, from Charge-Amps, has been chosen by JAX Tyres as the preferred EVSE for all of its 89 branches. We recommended the AURA as it’s competitively priced, offered better features than other commercial grade products and presented as a quality build. Crucially and often overlooked in the market, the AURA won on aesthetics too; the AURA is much better looking than every other charger on the market and that definitely counts. So many times we see featureless and quite frankly, ugly white boxes deployed in public spaces which have no design aesthetic whatsoever. Sure the AURA looks good in pictures but it’s even more staggeringly beautiful in person. The AURA is constructed of recycled aluminium which unlike other chargers, can obviously be recycled again at the end of its useful life.

The AURAs are universal chargers meaning you will need to BYO cable to suit your car to get a top up. Universal chargers are becoming the norm for corporates and councils as they prefer reduced maintenance and liability. For more information on Universal EVSEs, how to use them and why they’re the so hot right now, click the video below.

The DC fast chargers will typically be 25-100kw units and will be strategically deployed at locations on high traffic transit routes. As you might expect, JAX and EVolution want the best bang for buck. Given the DC Fast chargers cost tens of thousand of dollars to procure and even more to deploy, it’s important they are located where they will be of the greatest benefit to the EV community. So for example, we won’t be deploying DCFCs to metro areas, shopping centres or in the middle of nowhere. The final DCFC locations are tentatively agreed but still under discussion and we will make announcements as soon as everything is finalised.

Insert tritium pic here

What’s in it for JAX Tyres?

If you’re a corporate then pay attention to this bit. The announcement is nothing short of groundbreaking and remarkable for the EV community and will certainly accelerate the migration to sustainable transport in Australia. Pretty bold but valid statement and here’s the thing, the investment JAX are making in EV is relatively small beer compared to the overall capital investment of their business for 2019. For that moderate investment, they’ve received national coverag and attributable sales which can be tracked back to the campaign and the genuine gratitude of the EV community.

As an aside: If you are the property, marketing or facilities manager for any organisation in Australia or NZ, we’d be happy to help you achieve the same outcome.

Forever Free.. really? Yes Really!

Throughout the development process, Steve Grossider the JAX CEO was adamant about this. The JAX EV network is all about benefit to the EV community and encouraging mainstream EV adoption in Australia. If a JAX customer (who owns a petrol or diesel car) observes a vehicle getting a top up while he or she waits for tyres, then this helps normalise electric vehicles. If the same customer learns that a fast top up can be had for free and in so many locations, then maybe just maybe they’ll consider an electric vehicle as their next car.

When will my local JAX be EV Ready?

We’re still working out the deployment schedule. Some sites are dependent upon the JAX renovation schedule, council approvals or franchisee discussions. That said, we’re not messing about and we’ve already started the deployments to the Kwinana, Hawthorn and Coffs Harbour sites and these should go live within the next few weeks. The programme will only accelerate from there. Here’s to a sustainable future with help from the JAX and EVolution partnership.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to come back to us via social media, email or phone. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Finally, if you have any preference for deployment priority to fill in any charging blackspots, let us know below and we’ll do our best to prioritise!

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