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When one thumb just isn’t enough…

…two thumbs has to be the go.

Customer Jonathan from MacDowell in Queensland has just taken ownership of a beautiful royal blue Hyundai Ioniq. PLUS a super-solar-smart Myenergi Zappi. So, little wonder he’s having a double digit kinda day.

We had a great time chatting with with Jonathan about the best way to charge his Ioniq up, especially when he described boss Russ’s assistance as ‘uber radness’. However, he also asked us to lose some of the exclamation marks from this great review of his new garage-based charging kit. No chance Jonathan!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan writes:

“Being relatively new to the EV industry, and having just bought a new Hyundai Ioniq Electric, I had a lot of queries about all of the different accessories I might need to get the most out of the new car.

Russ Shepherd from EVolution personally answered every one of my many questions. No matter how silly I thought some of them were.

We ended up going with the type 2 charging cable, type 1 to 2 adapter cable, and a Zappi car charger. My wife and I have now had the opportunity to test all three and couldn’t be happier. Thanks EVolution!!!”

Another happy Zappi customer, which makes it two in two weeks. There’s that double-up thing again. Weird.

We also particularly loved this article featuring Jonathan from his local Courier Mail, again with that enormous grin and some grudging, butfairly positive, words from the journo about the ease of owning an EV (in amongst the gripes from Angus Taylor et al about cost, killing the grid, yadda yadda).

Thanks for your review Jonathan, so glad you’re happy with your uber rad Zappi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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