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The zappi…is it the best home charger on the market?

Just like us here in Oz, the Brits are finding a whole new niche in designing, manufacturing and supplying the infrastructure that will help power the EV revolution.

Case in point; the very cool people team who crafted myenergi. With a small ‘m’.

With the mission statement of ‘creating a kinder, more sustainable future’, the myenergi team, who are based amongst the rolling green hills and windswept cliffs of Lincolnshire, have created a range of products that, in short, can be described as helping you get the most from your solar/wind/energy storage system.

The zappi (small ‘z’) is their dedicated EV charging system and is smarter than your average robot. What it allows you to do is use your own energy to charge your EV,

rather than pulling power from the electricity grid.

So what, other EV chargers can do that…

Well, it gets better. Say you’ve just arrived home, plugged your car into you zappi, then legged it inside to make a cuppa. The zappi will see that you’ve just put the kettle on, decide whether there’s enough power being currently generated to feed both the car and the kettle and, if there’s not, power down on the car and feed your own clean, green solar or wind power to the kettle.

Once your teabag is gently steaming in your favourite mug, zappi will then turn the power up to full bore on your electric vehicle until the next time you boil the kettle/switch the TV on/decide to get the ol’ electric guitar out etc etc.

It’s what’s called ‘solar aware’. With a zappi charging up your electric vehicle, you’ll self-consume your own self-generated energy, rather than sell it back to the grid (at a pittance).

Oh, and it also comes in a range of plug types, cable lengths and can read across 3 phases if required. And, we think it’s a cute little thing to boot.

The zappi 7Kw is our charger of choice for owners of a Hyundai Kona or Ioniq, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Tesla, Audi, BMW, Jaguar i-pace and the Nissan LEAF.

The myenergi team also make the eddi (small ‘e’) energy redirector which we’ll talk about in a seperate post.

We’re proud to be the only Australian supplier of this great product and haven’t had a single complaint from the thousands we’ve sold, so please get in touch if you’d like more information on 1300 70 11 99 from Australia or 0800 11 11 15 from New Zealand.

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