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Tesla 3! In Australia! Finally!

Yes, it’s finally happening!

Excited Tesla 3 enthusiasts are buzzing after a little text message hit their smart phones this afternoon inviting them to configure their Tesla 3.

Here at EVolution, we’re just celebrating what this little three sentence text means for the domestic car market, the uptake confidence it gives to potential / wait-and-see electric

vehicle owners, as well as the often-maligned Tesla brand itself.

The news means that not only those who have expressed an interest in the Tesla 3 can finally start thinking about configuring their colour, interior, range, autopilot and charging choices, but that anyone who’s more recently caught up to the benefits and beauties of electric vehicle technology such as this can enjoy a new and exciting choice of vehicles.

How much and when will the Tesla 3 be available in Australia?

According to the Tesla website, the Model 3 starts at around the $66k mark and goes up to $85k for the premium version. This puts it at the same price point as the Hyundai Kona, but with a slightly larger range.

To answer the second part of the question…how long is a piece of string? Although, if you’ve already registered your interest, you can check your account for estimated delivery timings by logging into your Tesla account.

How do I charge my Tesla 3?

We’re yet to hear more about what and how Tesla will provide with regards to charging the Tesla 3 in Australia, but if you you have a solar system that you want to use primarily for charging the 3 or any other EV, we recommend the Zappi for super smart at home solar-aware charging.

This awesome little British-made EV charging wall unit will not only use up your self-generated power first, it’ll give you all the stats, facts and figures so you can be uber-nerdy when telling your friends about your completely dinosaur juice-free transport.

In the meantime, happy Tesla 3 configuring folks!

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