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Juniper arrives and a new face on the EVolution team

After a couple of false starts, she’s finally here!

The grand old lady is now in our workshop, seen here being gently wheeled in by Dave from Jaunt Motors and Felix. While work has only just commenced, we’re looking forward to sharing it with you as it progresses. Which brings us neatly to our next piece of news…

The EVolution team would like to welcome intern Kirby Z to the Jaunt Project!

Kirby comes to us from Deakin University where he’s studying communications, digital media and a heap of other clever stuff.

His role on the Jaunt Project is to hang out in the workshop with our electronic engineer Darren and fabricator Felix while they figure out which bits to take out of an ICE engine and which bits to put back in for an EV engine. We know, right? What a great gig…

He’ll be creating video and blogging content so you can follow Juniper’s conversion journey from classic Landy to sustainable zero-emissions off-roading icon. While Kirby doesn’t have an EV yet, he’s got his eye on a Tesla (once he pays off his HECS debt).

Kirby’s take on Juniper and the Jaunt Project

“Hi there, my name is Kirby and I’m a Communications major at Deakin. I’m a creative; ideally I’d like to make the world better and more beautiful through design and innovative products. My all-time idol is Elon Musk and his vision for emission-free transport. So, I hope to one day own a Tesla Roadster (emphasis on one day!) and meet the legend himself.

The Jaunt Project to me is an exciting, innovative and impactful project. So far, I’ve enjoyed the project because we’re modernising old rust buckets into a solid vehicle. The Jaunt project is a forward-thinking idea that more companies can take note of. Instead of letting old vehicles rust into the ground, we can utilise them and convert them into wicked sustainable project vehicles – imagine turning an old Holden or Ford into an EV!

The arrival of Juniper into the factory was the start of a ground-breaking journey. Above all, it really is an Aussie project that’s using local innovation and know-how. This EV conversion will build an inspiring product that will change the way Aussies think about off-roading vehicles. No longer do we have to guzzle gas to do adventurous activities like camping, off-roading, fishing or going down to the holiday house!”

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