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ABC Business… Exploring the Aussie EV Market

We had the pleasure of hosting Dan Ziffer from ABC Business this week for a piece that aired last night about the current and future uptake of electric vehicles in Australia.

After hair and make-up (which consisted of boss Russ making sure he didn’t have breakfast stuck in his teeth) there were a bunch of questions about whether and how the federal election will help or hinder the growing EV market, particularly for supply chain businesses like EVolution.

Naturally, we see a bright future for EVs, as well as a revival of our domestic car manufacturing capabilities, in which the market will decide whether it wants an EV…despite what happens at the ballot box.

Realistically, it’s a no brainer. When you consider many countries in the European Union are putting in place bans on ICEs, including Norway’s ambitious no new ICEs sold by 2025, and that from 2020 – next year! – Volvo will only sell pure or hybrid EVs, the writing is on the wall for petrol and diesel.

As Dan himself puts it;

“Analysts say the bans are only theoretical. A signal to industry. By the time the dates have been reached, the market will have made the shift already.”

But massive shout out to Kathleen Davies, a member of the AEVA and proud owner of a BMW i3, who’s straight forward and down-to-earth commentary about EVs, the ease of owning and charging one, as well as her closing comment, really made our day!

“The longer Australia sticks it’s head in the sand, or our politicians stick their head in the coal mine, the more backwards the country will be.”

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