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Electric Scooters On The Way!

Word on the street is that Vespa will be commencing production on its first electric scooter - The Elettrica. We know, it's been a long time in the making (almost 2 years!) But, according to the announcement this week, Piaggio will begin the production of the Vespa Elettrica next month.

According to Piaggio, sales of the Elettrica will begin in October and initial sales will be limited, expanding throughout November in Europe. We hope to see the Vespa Elettrica available in the US and Asia in early 2019.

What to expect?

- Similar performance to a standard 50cc scooter.

- Features a brushless DC motor rated for 2kW continuous and 4kW peak power. The motor has a torque rating of over 200Nm.

- The range is around 100km and the lithium battery can be recharged in four hours. (It should also last for 1,000 charge cycles, around 50,000-70,000km of real world riding).

- Maximum speed yet to be revealed, but apparently there will be a slower “Eco” mode as well that limits speed to 30 km/h.

- Along with some high-tech features.

The price of the Elettrica is yet to be announced, however, Piaggio has stated “the price will be aligned to the high end of the Vespa range currently on the market.” If you are unsure of the current range, Vespa models on the market cost over $9,000 AUD, with special editions around $12,000.

A hybrid version, the Elettrica X, is also planned.

The Electric Scooter Market So Far...

Electron E1

The E1 is know for it's specialty of zipping through traffic and getting you around fast & efficiently. It's also an eco-friendly drive with zero emissions. E1's key features include fast acceleration with instant Torque electric motor and ranges between 70-100km on a single charge, taking only 4 hours to charge.

Fonzarelli (The Fonz)

Built with the performance you need to get around the urban traffic. Its easy, gliding sensation gives a unique feeling of freedom during your ride. With compact, portable PowerPacks, The Fonz can be charged in any standard 240V wall-socket. Fonzarelli's features include regenerative braking and glide regeneration which stems your bikes speed when you’re not accelerating. With zero emissions, The Fonz has a range of up to 50 and 100 kilometres.

As we have seen electric versions of vehicles has been increasing in companies and we are excited to see more! We'd love to hear your thoughts on the Electric Scooter market or if you have one!