The Tear Down

January 1, 2017

So time to remove all the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) related stuff from the car. In other words the petrol engine and all other items that aren't required or won't fit in an electric car.


So not just the engine but the radiator, power steering pump, exhaust, air con pump so on and so forth.


For those that don't know we've partnered with BM Autowerks in Oakleigh and they've agreed to help with the oily bits.


I've personally worked with the BM Autowerks team off and on for several years now and most notably they helped with my BMW M3ti build.  John and his team are consummate professionals and more than that, they're top blokes to be around.


Before we started we felt it necessary to have one final run of the engine. It was a moving time, well not really, we didn't go anywhere ;-)




Once all connections were disconnected and labelled we were able to drop the engine through the bottom of the car.


 Gratuitous time lapse video of the removal process.






What we're left with is an empty and (incredibly light) shell of a car..


The weight of all the components came to approx. 350kg mostly from the front of the car as expected. The car is that light (without the ICE components) I was able to move it with a casual nudge of my knee!


Next steps? Clean up of the engine bay and installation of the motor.. Stay tuned!




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