The Porsche Panamera e-hybrid...a charging how-to guide

Initially available in 2013 and with a 2016 facelift, the Porsche Panamera e-hybrid is a full-sized luxury SUV.

The most eco-friendly vehicle in the Porsche family, producing only 193 grams of Co2 per kilometre, the Panamera e-hybrid still maintains a top speed of 270km/hr.

As a plug-in e-hybrid, the Panamera is powered by a 71 kW electric motor, with a total system power of 310 kW. Top speed is 135 km/h in all-electric mode, and its time from 100 km/h (62 mph) is 5.2 seconds. It's 9.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is capable of delivering a range of approximately 32 km.

While the look of the earlier models of this ICE or PHEV vehicle was absolutely panned by the original Top Gear team, we think it's a good looker with plenty of grunt!

Let's quickly & efficiently charge your Porsche Panamera e-hybrid 

How to charge your Porsche Panamera e-hybrid

The Porsche is typically supplied with a fairly large and bulky custom/OE unit which features removable component which you can travel with if required. It's a relatively slow charger/EVSE, so any Porsche Panamera e-hybrid owner can benefit from an upgrade to one of our quality aftermarket units which can half the charging time.

Plug Standard: Type 1 / J1772 Or Type 2 Mennekes

The Porsche is one of those vehicles which has been supplied with both Type 1 and Type 2 connections, so best to check before ordering.


Maximum AC charge rate is 15 or 30 Amps (model dependent)

Average time to recharge a Porsche Panamera e-hybrid:

Dealer supplied charger is up to 5 hours

15amp charger is up to 2.5 hours

32amp charger is up to 2.5hours

If you have the Porsche supplied wall unit charger but don't know what to do next, give us a call and we'll arrange for one of our national network of fully qualified installers to organise it for you.

But, if you'd like to explore other options, please read on!

Fast, affordable & solar-aware charging for your Panamera e-hybrid

While​ both the Porsche-supplied wall unit charger will get you started on your EV journey, we know that every EV owner gets to the point where they want faster and/or solar-friendly charging.

We have a number of great charging options, including the solar-aware Zappi and sleek HALO:

Myenergi Zappi - our most popular EV charger, the Zappi takes your self-generated solar power and directs it to your EV, rather than the grid. Not only does this mean your EV is driving on free sunshine, but that you're not losing precious power to the grid for a small feed-in tariff.

ChargeAmps HALO - stylish and sleek, this Swedish-designed wall charging unit has integrated smart software, a tethered charging cable and is made from durable, recycled aluminium.

Myenergi Zappi

ChargeAmps HALO

Level 2 charging for home or office

Eco-smart and solar-aware, uses your own self-generated solar power

Level 2 charging for home or office

Integrated smart software via phone app

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