So this product is a mish mash (sorry combination!) of two of our best sellers.. it is both a portable device like the 6/10/15A unit and capable of Level 2 charging at up to 32 amps or 7.6kw but at nearly half the price of some wall chargers. 


Somehow all of the all tech and power of a larger wall charger has been squeezed into a smaller form factor.. meaning you can have wall mount type fast charging (7.6kw!) goodness in a form factor that can be coiled up and stored in your boot.. we've not seen another unit like this on the market that offers such power and flexibility..!


The unit is equipped with our Smart LCD Screen which keeps you informed on the charging progress.


Note  a 32A circuit will be required should you want the full charge rate which we can obviously quote you for. 


The EVSE / Charger can be supplied with an Australian 32A round pin plug, a 3 phase 5 pin 32 amps plug or a Commando CEE32 amp plug whichever suits. Make sure you specify at checkout otherwise we will send you an Australian 32 Amp 3 Pin Single phase plug by default.


The unit is also available with either the Type 1 / J1772 or Type 2/ Mennekes (car side plug). Simply specify at checkout which plug you need, if you're not sure please refer to the relevent EV Cars Guides  from the top menu or get in touch with us.



  • Portable EV Electric Car Charger (EVSE)
  • Selectable Charge Rate between 6, 10, 15 and 32 amps should you wish to charge slower
  • Level 2 Charging at up to 32 amps (or 7.6kw) Charging - Much quicker than EVSEs usually supplied with EVs by Mitsubishi, BMW, Holden, Hyundai  etc
  • Up to 7.6kw charging rate or approx. 40km of range per hour
  • Detailed charging information via the Smart LCD Screen (see pic)
  • 5 meters cable length 
  • Premium and robust product 
  • RCM and Electrical Safety compliant - Most overseas products are not!
  • IEC 62196 and 61861 compliant
  • Excellent value compared to main dealer offerings
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Auto Charging recovery (in the event of power disruption) 
  • Over Current protection 
  • Comes as standard fitted with CEE Commando plug or Australian 32 Amp (round pin) plug or may be hardwired.
  • Select from either Type 1 (J1772) or Type 2 (Mennekes) Connector at checkout. If you are unsure, please ask us
  • IP54 rated


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If you need installation of a suitable electric circuit just fill in the form here:

Portable Switchable EVSE Charger Up to 32 Amps (7.6kw)

SKU: 364115376135191
  • The unit is compatible with all major EVs that use the J1772 (type1) or Mennekes (type2)

  • "The charger is doing an awesome job. I love the display and it isn't an eyesore on the wall. The charger has been awesome and packs a lot of information into the screen. I have a Japanese charger but it's only rated to 200v so is no good if we had a fire as it wouldn't be insured. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a 200v 10/15amp evse."

    Shaun N (Nissan LEAF), NZ


    "I recently acquired the EVolution portable 6/10/15 amp charger as I have access to a 15 amp circuit and wanted options other than the maximum 8 amps. A benefit of this EVolution charger is that it displays voltage, amperage, and kWh which means that I can now remove the wattmeter I have had connected in-line for the past couple of months. So far, this reasonably priced unit is looking like it will be a worthwhile investment for me :)"

    Trevor (BMW 330e), Sydney


    "Very helpful and responsive. The charger arrived very quickly and works exactly as described and the specs. My Renault Zoe is a happy little car." 
    David Kerr (Renault Zoe owner)

"Was going on a road trip in my Tesla and was desperately looking a J1772 to Tesla adaptor. Sent an email query to EVolution and got a text in 5min!! Advised to go online to order and it will be delivered in the morning. Got my adaptor delivered as promised.

Amazing service and at a competitive price as well!"

Eddie, Tesla S

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