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BYD Dolphin EV Charger Guide for Australia and NZ



Battery Capacity

Plug Type

420 km


Type 2


Solar Charge




The best options to charge your BYD Dolphin at home and on the go..


Still waiting for the MG4? Consider the BYD Dolphin


BYD has beaten both MG and Tesla at their own games by bringing a small cheap electric hatchback to market in Australia. This super smart electric hatchback has solid build quality and driving dynamics which put ICE equivalent vehicles to shame. 

BYD Dolphin Specifications


The BYD Dolphin  seats 5 comfortably has a curb weight of 1500kg and a dimensions of length 4290, width of 1770  and height 1570mm. The electric motor mounted  to the front wheels puts out 70kW and 150Nm of torque making it a fast to drive and well as fast to charge from its 7kW onboard AC charger.

We can install your 
BYD Charger anywhere:

How to charge the BYD Dolphin at untethered Type 2 Mennekes EV charger 

The Type 2 to Type 2 cable will charge your BYD Atto 3 up to 7Kw / add 50km for every hour of charge.


An essential cable for every Mennekes/Type 2 vehicle to enable safe and secure charging from public ‘Universal’ untethered charge points. There is a trend for public charge points to be universal; this means the point has no in-built cable.


The result is reduced maintenance and damage, as well as reduced liability for the owner of the station. If there is no permanently cable attached to the charger then there is less risk of it being driven over or generally being abused. Think air hose in a servo.  They are otherwise known as BYO cable chargers.

Which electric charge port does the BYD Dolphin use?