Public EV charging for apartments, carparks and businesses 

Thinking about public EV charging stations? Great! We have some simple suggestions on hardware, software and installation:

  • Make your EV charging reliable, robust and attractive*. They are no longer just a novelty, installed for a few Tesla drivers. EV owners will choose to patronise your business, shopping centre or Council building based on how easily they can charge up.

  • Deliver the right type of EV charging. Many EV owners are dependant on public charging to go about their day, so ensuring you have the correct charging product for your location - high traffic, urban, suburban, regional, rural, remote - is important.

  • Check whether you need load management. Electric vehicles are now mainstream, meaning many more public locations are installing charging. But what happens when 20, 30 or 100 EVs want to use your charging stations? Great load management software is the key to ensuring your building isn't overloaded, as well as giving you the ability to manage (and monetise) energy consumption.

Great design is key

*A quick explainer on what we mean by 'attractive' charging stations. Not only do some EV owners comment on the look of the charging units (yep, it's a thing!) but the car parking space itself should be well designed. 


By that, we mean clear signage that identifies the space as one dedicated to electric vehicles. This will prevent confusion and petrol and diesel vehicles from parking in those spaces (or being ICE'd as it's called).


We've installed EV charging in public spaces across Australia and NZ...if you'd like more information, advice or a quote, we invite you to give us a call or get in touch!






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