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Dealers - Do You And Your EV Customers Need
Charging Help And Advice?

Attention all dealers trading in electric vehicles (EVs) or plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)! With many different considerations, EV charging can be complex subject to navigate and explain to a new customer.


For example there may be supply constraints on the premises, especially if the customer lives in an apartment building. The car may further have on-board limitations which restrict rate of charge. So it’s not as simple as selling and installing the fastest charger the customer can afford.

"The service was top quality in relation to the supply & installation of my Cylon Charging Station. Whilst an initial misunderstanding of charges, these were soon explained to my satisfaction. The unit was delivered & installed at the time stated, efficiently and cleanly. The unit itself is great and has reduced charging time from 12+hours from a standard household power point to just over 3 ½ hours with the Cylon unit. It should also be noted that the price is substantially lower than that quoted by BMW for their branded unit."

Norman Same (BMW i3), Armadale

Westfield Woden (ACT) Shopping Centre Deployment (Dual Cylons)

Let us help the customer make the correct decision on the myriad of charger hardware options. We can even help with pre (vehicle) sales enquiries to help put them at ease on the sale of the EV or PHEV.


Drop us a line using the form below. It doesn’t need to be ‘War and Peace’ just the briefest of messages will suffice. OR Call us on 1300 70  11 99.

Thanks! Message sent.

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