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Estimated Charge Rates & Times

By Model and EVSE (Charger)

Every EV has it's own optimal EVSE, so we've put together a table to give you a clearly understanding for you of how long to charge your EV.

How long to charge my EV ?

So you were wondering...

  • How long will it take my BMW i3 to Charge with a  Cylon32?

  • How long will it take my Nissan LEAF to Charge with a 10/15 EVSE?

  • How much quicker will my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to charge with a 15/32 EVSE?

  • How many km per hour of range will be added to my BMW 330e by a 10/15 EVSE?

Are all very common questions asked on a seemingly daily basis by our customers.​ So we've pulled together a table listing the estimated charge times by model and charge rate.​ It's important to note that your vehicle may have an internal limitation on the charge rate. Therefore, it's not as simple as buying the fastest charger available.

For example, the Outlander PHEV has an onboard charger limitation of 3.3kw or 15km per hour of charge. You can connect a faster EVSE (charger) but the charge rate won't be any quicker. So in the example of the Outlander the optimal EVSE/charger is the 6/10/15 EVSE.

That said it still makes sense to buy the fastest charger you can afford because your next EV will almost certainly be capable of a faster charge rate than your current model.

We've outlined all the information in the table below. Note, the cells highlighted in purple indicate the optimal EVSE per model.

If this is all still too complicated and you need help, you're not alone! Don't hesitate to contact us on email or by phone.

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