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How does the Zappi EV charger minimise your electricity bill but still keep you Fully Charged?

Driving electric is becoming more popular, but a common question we get is 'how much cheaper is it than petrol, really?'

Today, we’ll be talking about the price of going solar and charging with the myenergi Zappi.

An ABS statistics review released in 2019 states that the average passenger ICE vehicle consumes about 10.8 litres of fuel per 100kms at a cost of 143c per litre for unleaded petrol.

So, to travel 100,000km in a standard ICE would cost over $15,000 dollars. That’s a lot of money and a lot of petrol!

But if you've left that life of fossil fuels behind, we're going to share customer experiences about how much it costs to charge your EV and can you do it with your onsite solar?

The myenergi zappi intelligently charges your EV with your onsite solar

It’s hard to know exactly how much charging your particular EV with solar will cost because there are so many factors to consider.

Charging your EV from your home or workplace solar system decarbonises your driving even further than zero tailpipe emissions. Depending on your daily commute, to charge your EV with solar you can generally use a smaller 8-12 panel array.

If you're travelling further, or want to add a second EV, you might need to grow your system over time. But let’s assume you have the solar array capable of charging your EV...what other costs will arise?

To charge your car with PV you’ll need a wall charger capable of connecting to your renewable power. This is where the Zappi comes in.

For an affordable cost of $1395 + installation (generally around $800 for a straightforward job), you can obtain the 7kw single phase zappi, a smart charger capable of reading your renewable outputs and drawing upon them to charge your EV. This is a good time to mention you can also use wind power; f you have it, the Zappi will accommodate.

That seems expensive for an EV charger

We like to refer to the cost of installing your zappi as paying for all your 'fuel' upfront.

Rather than stopping at a petrol station and paying for fuel in regular intervals - adding up to a massive $15,000 over time! - a reliable and intelligent EV charger like the zappi is a minimal cost.

So, you have the zappi, you have the solar and your first EV. What else?

Not much.

A Queensland Zappi user outlined his fuel expenses on Facebook, stating that in two years and 94,000kms on his BMW i3, he has spent an incredible $32.31.

From Facebook:

32 dollars for all the fuel you need to drive 94,000kms. Wow!

Considering your zappi EV charger as part of your vehicle cost means you'll always win out every time you get behind the wheel!


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