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How to eat your charging cable...

Of everything we've achieved this year, this is right up there.

We're extremely proud to announce our partnership with PonyUp For Good, an awesome Melbourne-based e-waste recycling company, who will collect, recycle and reclaim the precious metals from damaged EV charging cables and wall units.

While this is really cool by itself, the beautiful people at PonyUp For Good will then donate a portion of profits to the food charity Second Bite so they can collect and create meals for people doing it tough.

In fact, we anticipate ONE electric vehicle charging cable will make FIVE meals!

And this kind of makes our day/week/year/decade.

How do we know this? The high quality copper in EVSE (electric vehicle service equipment) can be recovered by MRI E-cycle Solutions and sold by the tonne. Other components, such as plastics, will be recycled.

You can send your damaged EV cable or wall unit to our head office at Unit 32 / 536 Clayton Road, Clayton South, Victoria, 3167.

Yes, you'll have to pay postage, but we're working on ways for you to get them to us at no cost (more details to come!). Your cable will then go in a recycling bin in our conversion workshop until we have enough for collection by the recycling company. Giddy up!

We're joining a range of Australian businesses who are recycling their e-waste through PonyUp For Good in order to help SecondBite.

This amazing food charity last year redistributed more than 19 million kilos of fresh produce to over 1400 community programs around the country...this is enough fresh food to feed 105,000 people every DAY!

And yes, we'll take EVSE even if you didn't buy it from us (but please can you in future, 'cos we're really nice).

If you'd like to know more about this scheme, check out PonyUp For Good goddesses Cat and Mardi on the ABC's War on Waste, head to their website or like their Facebook page.

And if your business or company produces e-waste, why not give them a call (they're really nice as well!)?


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