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What do we know about the second generation Nissan LEAF?

Fully electric, double the range and still a great looking family-sized EV. We’ve been waiting a while to welcome to Australia the second gen Nissan LEAF!

The styling and price of this long-awaited EV was released at the Nissan launch in Melbourne this morning to much fanfare. The trumpets came with an interesting prediction by their Global Director of Sales that EVs will reach price parity with ICES – or beat them hands down – within 5 years.

As for this model, you can take one off their forecourt for a shade less than $50k plus on-roads. And, given the popularity of the first generation all-electric Nissan LEAF when it was first released in Australia, it’s no surprise it’s progeny is causing some excitement.

What’s the range of the new LEAF?

The 240km range pretty much doubles the capacity of the previous model. However, this is information we already knew from overseas sales (where it’s been on the market for over a year) and previous intel from Nissan themselves.

What makes this second generation model interesting is just that. It’s the only second generation EV on the worldwide market. And we reckon that in itself is something to celebrate.

More EV milestones for 2019

In fact, March 2019 saw the milestone of 400,000 LEAFs sold globally. Many of these now feed the hotly-traded second-hand, low-km Japanese domestic market that savvy EV enthusiasts use to get into an electric car without the big price tag. Many more are well-loved and highly regarded EVs amongst Australian and NZ owners.

It’s also the flagship EV for what the manufacturer are calling Nissan Intelligent Mobility. In short, this can be described as a future-focused program with three cores – power, driving and integration. And frankly, we’re excited to see more creative and innovative thinking around zero-emission driving and it’s uptake globally.

How do you charge the second gen Nissan LEAF?

Naturally, it’ll come with the standard granny charger in the boot, but what if you want more EV charging grunt?

Of course, we’ll recommend the Myenergi Zappi all day long. Eco-smartly using your own self-generated power; if you’ve got an EV and solar or wind, this is the wall unit for you. Or, our team also use and recommend the attractively cool Halo or the Cylon for efficiency and speed of charging.

New Nissan LEAF, photo via Nissan

You can also check out our Nissan LEAF charging guide here or, if you’d like to know more, give us a call.

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