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What is an AC EV charger?

We hear a lot of words and terms get thrown around when talking about charging your electric vehicle, but what do they all mean? People adept in charging their EVs might use terms you are unfamiliar with, and that why we’re here, to help you learn about your electric vehicle.

Today we’ll be discussing AC EV Charging or Alternating Current Electric Vehicle Charging. These are among the most common chargers to find in the wild and almost all chargers you find in homes, plazas, and workplaces are Alternating Current level 2 chargers. These are the easiest to install and act as the perfect indoor and outdoor chargers.

Car batteries, like most electronics need a Direct Current (DC) to charge, and EVs have onboard converters to turn AC wall power into DC power, so it can enter your car battery (a bit like a phone charger inside your car). You guessed it! AC chargers provide this wall power to your car, where it can be internally converted, simple!

Level 2 AC EV chargers cost a lot less to install and rely on your vehicles capabilities in converting AC into DC power for fast charging. Depending on your vehicles on-board charger, AC charging can take from 4 hours to over 12 hours to charge your car fully. This is because, varying by brand, cars have different on-board charging rates, be it for cost, weight, or space reasons.

As Electric Vehicle nerds, we have used hundreds of different AC Chargers and we have had frequent disappointing encounters with under-powered, poorly located or unserviceable EV charge stations. Because of this, we have dipped our toes into EV charger manufacturing, and created THE definitive AC charger for the Aussie EV driver. Say gooday to the AURIGA!

Designed for Australian conditions, the AURIGA is made to withstand outdoor EV charging, while still being perfect for installing an EV charger at home. Specifically manufactured to look like a traffic bollard, you know the AURIGA can withstand public usage and harsh weather with ease! Created and manufactured in Melbourne, with help from local business, we are as Aussie as there can be, and we know what you need as an Aussie EV driver.

And there you have it, AC EV charging stations explained. The most common charging station in homes, shopping area, and businesses. And don’t forget to check out the AURIGA here for a true Aussie charging station.

Written by Tom Staveley


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