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Is the Polestar 2 better than the Tesla Model 3?

Polestar 2 – Is it a true challenger to Tesla model 3? We find out in our exclusive 3-day test.

Prospective Australian buyers have been salivating at the press and youtube videos of the Polestar 2 since its unveiling in February of 2019. Its modern minimalistic design has made it the darling of the EV set overseas and now its arrival on Australian shores gives buyers choice beyond sales behemoth that is the Tesla Model 3.

How did we book a Polestar 2 Test Drive?

Polestar held a series of limited test drive events in capital cities nationwide late in 2021 but with only a 30-minute window to drive the car it was just a teaser of this very impressive new entry to the EV market. Based on the Volvo’s CMA architecture the similarities between the 2 and the XC40 are evident, the Polestar still retains the traditional transmission tunnel from the Volvo, but Polestar cleverly uses this to store batteries so it not a wasted space. The exterior is Swedish minimalist at its best with clean lines, the Thor’s hammer headlights and rear end with a funky taillight illumination when you unlock the car.

Polestar Interior Space, Fit & Finish

Interior wise the fit and finish is outstanding. The materials are quality, and all the touchpoints have a premium feel. Our test car was fitted with the WeaveTech seats which has a neoprene wetsuit like texture, sounds strange, but does add a unique feel to the cabin. The center stack is elegant with the main screen complimentary to the car rather than dominating like the Model 3. In front of the steering wheel is a traditional digital gauge cluster that provides speed, power consumption/regeneration, battery charge state and even the satellite map should you want it. The back seat is on the small side but even a genuine 6-footer like me had enough room to feel comfortable on a long drive. The boot size is good at 405L in the rear and the front boot (froot or frunk?) ads in a handy 35L to carry the Friday night take out or charging cables that you will need.

What's the Polestar 2 like to drive?

On the road with Polestar is a good place to be. The major controls fall straight to hand and I did like the flat top on the gear selector that you can rest your arm on while you are typing an address into the sat nav. The fast back nature of the body means that rear and 3 quarter vision isn’t perfect but you do get used to it quickly and its more than made up for with the large frameless wing mirrors. The test car was the long-range single motor variant giving 170kw driven through the front wheels. The 0-100 sprint is quoted at 7.4 seconds, but this doesn’t tell the full tale. The performance in the single motor model is on the move with a lot of shove in to the back to the seat when the car is already rolling. Overtaking from 60kph does bring a smile to your face with speeds that the constabulary wouldn’t be impressed with coming up quickly. The ride is on the firm side but not at all uncomfortable. What did surprise me is the amount of torque steer when accelerating out of a corner. You do need to keep a firm grip on the wheel but it’s a natural by product of so much torque going through the wheels that do the steering too.

Ready to make a Reservation? Here's Polestar 2 Pricing in Australia

Prices start at $59,990 + ORC for the standard range single motor, which is impressive considering the build quality and range of 440km WLTP. The car we had on test was the long range single motor which is priced at $64,990 + ORC and also had the Pilot Pack (+$5000) and the Plus Pack (+6000) which puts it at $75,990 + ORC. The long range dual motor model weighs in at $69,990 + ORC and the pilot, plus and a performance pack are options on this model.

How do you charge the Polestar 2?

Charging is via a type 2 port on the passenger side of the vehicle providing a max 11kW AC charging speed and a 150kW DC charging speed. We would obviously recommend the Zappi EV charger for charging this Polestar 2 at home. I did like the button to release the charging cable that is next to the charging port. Very handy to not to have to go back into the cabin or into an app to do this. Tesla and others would benefit from learning this lesson.

Polestar 2 Delivery Time feat Pre-configured Vehicles

The verdict, well the Polestar 2 is a compelling choice in an ever-growing choice of models. Its stylish and even without the option packs has a good level of trim that will impress. Deliveries start in march and Polestar given buyers the option to choose from a number of pre-configured cars available for immediate delivery or order a car to their exact specifications for delivery later this year. With the Tesla website now quoting 4 to 7 months for delivery I am sure these pre-configured vehicles will be snapped up by eager buyers that want to take delivery sooner rather than later. Would I spend my own hard earned money on a Polestar 2, yes. The car has a good range, great performance and its bite-the-back-of-your-hand good to look at. Will it be enough to topple the Model 3’s sales crown, that’s yet to be seen, but it deserves to be on your shopping list.


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